Buds with strange bugs!

So it’s week 7 of bud time, and close microscopic inspections shows tiny ugly bugs that look like tiny brown or black crabs! I’m thinking some kind of Aphid maybe? I am not finding webbing like with spider mites, but could it be a different kind of mite. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get any pictures. I HATE to spray Neem Oil or something so close to harvest day. Desperately need suggestions!!!


You can use Capt’n Jacks Dead Bug all the way to harvest. Whatever you use, or don’t use, make sure you wash your buds right after harvest! Make sure you clean your tent and everything in it before your next grow.

If they look like crabs, they might be spider mites. You may not see webs until they get bad.


Probably spider mites. Don’t spray neem on buds, they will taste bad. Get the Capt Jacks or another spinosad based insecticide. Good luck, spider mites in flowering really sucks.


Thank you SOOOOO much! Now where can I find this Captain Jacks stuff? I wouldn’t even THINK of using Neem on my buds!

Amazon or maybe you can find local at a Home Depot or Walmart