Buds wet during curing stage

It was drying for 6 days and the buds felt crispy so I feared that I would overdry like my last harvest and jarred them up. Today will make it a day of curing. Only have 1 hygrometer as I lost the others. The soonest I can get them shipped here is Wednesday. They are really sticky and humidity in the jars is 70+. What should I do to get it down to the cure zone and prevent mold?

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Open them up and dump buds on a flat surface*. Flip em every 15 mins or so. Then rejar are first ‘crisp’ lol


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This is part of sweating your harvest out after drying. As it sits in jars the humidity deep in the stems and bud centers is working it’s way out and will dissipate throughout the flower in the jar.

Pull the lids off for an hour or two as long as it’s not humid af then lid back on and do it again tomorrow and for the next week. Some people call it burping the jars. I’ve always called it sweating out the buds.


If your 70+ in the jars you gotta let them dry. Open up the jars for like an hour, take the bud out if you have to. You can use a big Tupperware container instead of the jars, since you only have one meter you’ll still be able to monitor all the bud. Once the bud is at proper humidity you can transfer to the jars for long therm storage.

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Were the stems dry and snappy before they went in?

One thing you can do, buy some 62% 2 way Boveda packs (small size) stick one in each jar.
They will reduce or increase humidity to 62% which is where you want to cure you smoke.

Burp them twice a day for 5-10 min stir them up in the jar so they’re not stuck to each other.

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