Buds unraveling


Is there anything wrong with a plant that has a few buds that are not “tight”? One of the strawberry kush plants has some buds that are growing kind of strange


This looks to be what is called foxtailing.

It is often from temperatures that are too high.



I was just reading up on this sort of thing, yeah, what @MacGyverStoner said; looks like classic foxtailing to me.

From what I read this could be genetics, nutrient issues or heat problems. I also read somewhere that some dood refuses to harvest any of his plants until he starts to see foxtailing. He “CLAIMS” it makes his bud more potent. Now, remember I read this on the Internets, so not sure how reliable this information is. :woman_shrugging: So…



Yes, some plants foxtail late in flower. However it is not necessary to wait until foxtailling occurs for harvest, best way is still to monitor the pistils and trichomes for when best to harvest.


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I keep the temps around 78°. I built an air box that sits on top of the air conditioning vent with 2 in line fans pushing the air out into the rooms. 78° is all I can afford. I guess it’s good that it’s only the one plant.


I don’t think they are ready to harvest. I just got a 30x loupe I bought online and the trichomes are still clear on every one of the plants even though the pistils are 75% red on some. I’m on the beginning of week 9 after going 12/12.


Like I said, it is just something I read, not advocating it.

If the foxtailing is not due to heat, and not by design, maybe it is genetics or see if your nutes are working properly.


Thanks for the input. Here’s most of the rest of the plant. Unfortunately I lollipoped it before reading from a lot of the ILGM guys not to do it


That’s a very pretty plant @skgrower :slight_smile:

I have a strawberry kush in my current grow, She is 3-weeks into flower. My first experience with it.

Let me know how you like it :+1:


Considering I had no clue about growing indoors except for what I read, I’m thrilled so far with 3 of the 4 that I’m growing. One I didn’t do something right with.

Most of it’s lower fan leaves look like it’s not getting something. I’ve tried feeding less, more, just water at 6.2, and everything else I could think of. Anyway, if you get a good grow the buds will be big. The Kool bloom really bulked mine up.


I hear ya @skgrower. This was our (mine and sons) first effort. I don’t think I have ever read so much in my life and I will tell you what, the ILGM forum has been sooo invaluable when it comes to advice and experience.

Our grow consists of 7 plants (one of which is the strawberry kush) so far everything is going according to plan, but I really could not have done it nor been as successful as it has been without the experts here at ILGM.

From what I understand, as the plant flowers the energy and nutrients are being diverted to the blooms so the lower fan leaves begin to suffer and die off. But don’t hesitate to ask questions here, others more knowledgeable then I will surely weigh in. As long as your upper leaves and buds are not affected I don’t think you need to worry too much about a little discoloring of the lower leaves. :slight_smile: :leaves:

Good luck with it all!!