Buds under top bud


Ok this is my first grow I am in flower stage . I am doing the scrog. My top bud is looking good but there are some nice buds also under it do I leave them or take them off. There about 2 inches under it. But I have took off all the others little popcorn buds. Help please…


if they are getting decent light and seem to be dense and happy I would leave them :slight_smile:


I agre with Donaldj. Although I am a bit confused, if you’re running a scrog you should have several tops. Not one main cola.


Did u get the pic.


I see the picture. But it’s not very clear what’s going on there. It almost appears as you are growing vertical.


Tying it Down. I took the image backwards. What Mr.Bergman showed I was
doing that did I do it wrong.


I can’t say you are doing anything right or wrong is all. It’s too hard for me to tell. Can you take another picture a little further away, that shows whole net?


preferably with the LED lights off and only use natural or white light! @Ozzie1


That too lol. Thanks Bob!