Buds turning brown

Ah okay, so the browning isn’t anything to worry about ? I’ve not been in any rush for this plant to grow ( since it’s been growing from a seed since July using only daylight ) I was getting so worried that it want well, like I said, I’m a total novice and didn’t expect anything to come from the seed I planted at all.
Anymore info you have on the plant growth would be super helpful ( when the buds are ready ect. )
Google overwhelms my brain at times !

Can you tell what problem I’m having?! I can’t seem to figure it out.IMG_20200831_180207392_HDR|375x500

Have I think same problem

Help not sure what’s going on with my plant. First timer here and have no idea what I’m doing but as a long time smoker I know it’s not suppose to look like this.

@Tsp sure looks like bud rot. No bueno!

@Blaze3 Looks like bud rot also. Cut that crap out of there carefully.

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Thank you will do

In 24hrs it will almost eat that bud. Nasty stuff!

Does it affect the stem at all or just the bud?

It affects everything!

Caterpillar at work

this has to be bad right??

Junk sorry

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you think any of the seeds are worth digging out and keeping?

That depends
Why does your plant have seeds?

Is this good brown or bad brown


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Looks fine to me, green and firm on the inside?

The spider website are probably spider mites. Those buggers get on and in everything!