Buds turning brown

I have a beautiful Strawberry Kush (SK) plant and she’s almost ready for harvest. I noticed tonight one of the buds was turning brown. I put it under the microscope and the tricons are amber. I did see some spider webs but is this the cause of buds turning brown or is it the amber tricons? Are SK buds supposed to turn brown before harvesting? Bit stumped since never grew this strain before. Thanks

Without pictures it’s very hard to say, but if you’ve got spider webs & your buds are starting to die I would suspect that spider mites may be killing your plants ?
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How do you add pics?

Hopefully you can zoom in.

This pic was from 9/4. I’ll send an update tomorrow.

I hate to say it, but that looks like bud rot…

Maybe someone else can help identify this, @garrigan62 @Majiktoker @Dumme


I kinda with @ktreez420 on this one. I sure wouldn’t smoke it!



@erict0928 It could be 3 things . 1 Bud rot the worst . not smoke able unhealthy .2 natural die out . means its went way to long past harvest time ,and will taste bad but smoke able .like dry hay . Or your pict need’s to be closer so as to see if this is a natural color , very smoke able . try this snap that bud in half and look for fuzz or fibrous hairs growing .if so you got the rot …Hope this help’s :grinning: Hammer

This appears to be isolated to the bud I removed last night. I’ve added a pic from this morning, What causes bud rot? It’s been wet over last few days but forecast is for sunshine. I added a pic from this morning. I think she’s ready to harvest considering the rot on one bud. Would you agree this can be isolated and not impact other flowers. Thanks

The problem is that its to wet , if the last pic is the environment you’ve been dealing with your going to have tons of mold issues if this continues , if it’s do to rain then find a way to put a tarp over it , if it’s from moisture in the air u might want to seriously think about harvesting and getting them hung and drieing before u loose your investment… Best wishes…



Yes - it’s dew and humidity. I’m harvesting today as soon as she dries out. Will considering covering others that are not ready. Thank you

This happened to a single bud on mine at 8 weeks of flowering. I followed the advice of @Hammer and plucked it out. Things healed up nicely and, life went on. I think you most surely have bud rot. Check this post out. A good discussion about it (bud rot) and, some resistant strain advice. Bud rot/mold photo I shake the dew off of mine daily now. The buds are full and they get and stay wet. Here is a picture where a rotten bud was removed 3 days ago…

corn borer
Here is an attempt to show where a worm entered at veg stage.
“entry point”…
Even though I killed it with this info How to kill corn borers in my outdoor marijuana garden? it left a path for the rot as mentioned in the “Rot” discussions.

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I agree bud rot

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Also, in the last pic you posted it looks like there are webs on the top of your bud. Have you noticed these webs, or is it just from the picture? :v:

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Probably but these spiders are eating insects. Hasn’t fkd me yet - the webs pull off.

What’s the potential issue? Thank you for your replies.

They don’t look like spidy mite web’s ,so just use a small stick to remove them wind stick to and fro and itll wind it up . . tastes better with out the web .But that’s just my opinion .Hammer :grinning:

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I think it was picture. I eye balled closely tonight and didn’t see any webs. Microscope did not show webs. Definitely hairs on bud that rotted.
Thanks to everyone for replies. Appreciate your feedback. Got a fan blowing and will sure to send pic or two of final product. Plant looks awesome overall.
Best wishes and regards.

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Might be mites here too. In the second you can see a spider on a upper leaf. This is starting at the tip of the flower for the most part but also turns the leaves in the flower brown.

Hi everyone, I’m a total novice, had this plant growing since July this year, little potted plant in the house, done really well until the last few weeks I’ve noticed browning, is this bud rot ? I’ve attached some pictures, help! It’s like a baby to me now! ( live in the UK, so mild weather, watered every other day )

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I am no expert but it looks to me like super ripe pistils.

I don’t see anything that screams “bud rot”.

Oops, I forgot to welcome you to the forum and our community of growers.

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