Buds tips curl upwards

Question from one of our customers:

I am in week 3 of bloom. Almost all the buds have leaves curling upwards. None of the main leaves just at the buds.

Strain: Granddaddy Purple
Type: Fem (photoperiod)
Climate: Indoors
Medium: Soil
Ph or solution:, No
Nutrient mix: No
Light type: KINGSLED 1200W
Temp day & night, 75 constantly
A/C: yes
Humidity: Approx: 50%
Circulation: Circulating fan 10’ away
Humidifer: No
De-humdifier: No
CO2: no

Can someone tell our customer if there is something wrong with the buds? :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the community ! my first thoughts would be how close is your light.

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Ok… so week 3 of flower… seems to be lacking… a lot. You need to check your pH level, get some nutes into the soil - she looks like she is starving. You also need to get some airflow and circulation happening.
It might soun like a lot - but with patience and all of the support you can get here - all is not lost! :+1:

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Hello and welcome to the neighborhood :grinning: when I see leaves curling up or tacoing I’m thinking it’s often a sign of temperature stress, overwatering/root problems or extreme humidity levels

Doesn’t look as dried out as heat burn. But definitely environmental stress. Looks like the grower ran into heat issues and overcorrected with too much wind velocity. Try to maintain temps in upper 70s with light on, not higher than 82 to be safe. Your fans should only be causing a wiggle in the leaves ~ once every 30 seconds. If you can do these two things and maintain proper air exchange with the tents lung room you will not see this in the future.

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My curling leaves were caused by heat stress. I increased airflow and circulation.

Budz, I think you are spot on. Moved the LED light up a couple weeks ago but had the circulating fan right next to plants, moved it back 10’. Room is A/C with constant 76F.