Buds super dry and smell like hay after drying

Just harvested my plant the other day (White widow photo) and hung it up for 7 days to dry. I didn’t keep a fan on and the temperature generally averages 60 degrees…humidity usually around 50%. Just went to sample it today and to start curing, and the buds were so dry everything started crumbling off when I touched them. Still super sticky though. Tasted really green and still smells like hay…

I figure curing will help at this rate, but I heard that if your bud dries out completely it’s stuck the way it is. So am I stuck with what I have? I’m not sure what I did wrong

I used to wait until the stems would crack before I jarred up. Now I jar them when they are still a little bendy but the buds feel crisp on the outside. At least for winter I do it this way. I also don’t trim a single thing off because its winter and my current rh is at like 35% There really isn’t much you can do now. You can buy some boveda humidity packs and that will bring back some moisture but once the buds are really dry there isn’t many options. It really depends on your environment. You should buy some little rh meters to put in your jars. Its easier to get rid of excess moisture but pretty hard to get it back. Also I learned a little trick. After they are jarred up and rh is to low throw some of the bendy stems in and the buds will absorb the moisture.


I see. I heard I could do the same thing with an orange peel is that true?

Not too worried about the dryness at this point, just want it to stop smelling and tasting like hay

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I’ve heard if people doing that. Lettuce too. I heard it can get moldy too. It will probably taste like oranges too? Never done it though. Do you have any plants going? You could maybe try using a couple fan leaves. I’ve been working on my cure now and my last harvest i blew it. Once the moisture is gone a lot of the flavor is gone and won’t come back unfortunately. Like you said it just tastes grassy. I don’t think I’ll ever hang dry for 7days. Hope this helps ya, sorry about the buds.

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I use lettuce for rehydration the key is not to leave it in there for more then 2 hours at a time ( so leave it without for at least 2 hours after the rehydration to stabilize humidity) I also make sure each jar is loosely packed enough to get decent airflow with burping , your pot probably won’t have much of a smell until at least week 2 of cure anyways and be mostly established 1 month in, but I agree get the mini rh meters or else your totally in the dark about what’s going on in your jars


Get a clear tote with a positive sealing lid around 12 X 16 inches. Put all flower in tote with a small hydrometer and a damp Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Seal overnight and check in the morning. If above 62% crack lid to allow contents to breathe. When you hit target RH remove magic eraser and seal lid again to see if RH falls. If it does; put magic eraser back in. Once it stabilizes you can then jar as normal and I’d use a Boveda Pack as well.


Thanks for the help guys, I tried the lettuce as GreenSnek said and it worked but I also went to the hydro store to get the boveda packs, the buds are no longer dry but they still smell and taste like straight grass, luckily it’s been getting me pretty ripped regardless which is cool because it’s my first grow.

Next time I dry I’m going to allow less air flow and I’ll leave the leaves on while drying (dry trim) do you guys have any other tips to prevent my stuff from drying out too fast next time?