Buds stopped growing

I have a friend who started growing. He switched to flower and everything was going well until he accidentally switched his timer to on and gave the plants 24 hrs light in the middle of 12/12. Now the buds seem to have stopped growing. He is 4 weeks into flower, 5 gallon dwc hydro, ph is kept around 6.2, 600 watt LED, 32x32x63 tent,

Hi, the 24hrs of light has interrupted the plants normal flowering schedule and it has gone into a period of hiatus . This will last anything up to 2 weeks in duration until the plant can return to its normal light dark period. The plant will recover and recommence flowering normally so dont stress too much.Make sure timers are set correctly and keep your dark period dark. Good luck with your grow.


He said thank you.

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Another question, the leaves are starting to curl. Is this normal or what could be the problem?