Buds still develop while doing 2 week flush cycle

Pistils still white with a few beginning orange pistils.
Milkier tris everyday
asst.handful of clear tris
A scattering of amber tris coming into play?
While doing water only maybe microbes or tea.
Will buds continue to mature swell and finish during flush cycle??

I dont see why ur buds wouldnt keep swelling and getting bigger while doing a flush

Do you have pictures

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There is no science to back up benefits of flushing. Several studies say it has zero effect.

If you still have white pistols I would say you have far longer than 2 weeks left and I wouldn’t begin any pre harvest rituals yet.

I know you have several threads and questions open so I don’t know if you have an actual grow journal… If you do link it and you’ll be able to get more eyes on for assistance.

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Studies by fertilizer makers mostly, think they may be a bit biased?

I’ll give you one solid benefit, saving money on nutrients - 2 weeks of nutes on every grow could be saved, that adds up. If flushing/not flushing makes no real difference (what the studies say) then why waste the money/nutes.


@Hellraiser I viewed it the same way. If there is no difference, then there is no benefit to continued feeding. It just helped my feel less worried about waiting to chop for the 2 weeks and ending up overly ripened.


Do you have any pictures? How long have they been flowering?