Buds stay small, what to do? autoflower

A question from a fellow grower:

ak47 auto flower plant did great first 50 days started to
flower then just stopped buds only got as big as little
gumballs is there something special o need to get these to
get bigger first time i did autoflower i have no problems
with the regular plants

using 80w led 20 hours on 4 off p.h of soil is rite on using bloom builder once a week and temp of room constant 71 degrees f
and plant is 76 days today

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Should probably fill out a support ticket.


20 hours on in bloom? If I’m reading that correctly - that’s a problem. You’d just be prolonging vegetative growth. 80w doesn’t seem like enough wattage either, considering the size of the plant. She needs time to rest and build buds. Your light should be 12/12. Get the temps closer to 75F as well. :+1:


@majicmarkers this is an auto flower so the light schedule doesn’t matter. The lights dont seem to be enough however. It’s stretched out pretty good

@MattyBear. I gotcha. I’ve never grown autoflower but it seems to me that you would still want to give the plant a little more rest. I would try to increase the light wattage and lower the hours turned on. Maybe someone more familiar with auto flowers will chime in. Other than that, the plant looks great and good luck. :+1::beer:

I have grown autos on a 20/4 schedule and it seemed to be just fine. A lot of people like 18/6 for autos as well to save electricity. The plants get their energy from light so the more the merrier is my thinking. I think some stronger lights would benefit greatly :+1:

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I think you’re mistaken here, plants get energy from the food that they “consume” and turn it into energy, not from light. You can’t grow a plant with just light, it needs nutrients to turn into energy so it can grow.

More light IS good, but longer lighting schedules may not always be.



Your both right, the plant converts the light into usable energy/sugar. The process is called photosynthesis. The more light …the more energy. That’s where Daily Light integral comes to play in finding the sweet spot of intensity and duration of the light. Since these are Ruderales that normally grow in areas of 18 hours of light in nature, Russia for example, 18 to 20 hours is an acceptable practice, if not highly recommended. Just keep in mind on that DLI. I believe 40 is max in normal growing conditions. (Extreme growers use C02 canisters to push the limits of the grow room environment) I personally like keeping it under 38 DLI. A PAR reading (those with par meters) of 550 x 18 hours will get you a DLI of about a respectable 35.5. A great place to be at in flower. That energy produced (by the light) is used up by the roots, so that they can do their jobs of growing and absorbing water and minerals. So yes the lighting is just as important as the soil. Don’t fuck it up.

I’ll be back in 5 years

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