Buds Smelling Like Hay?

After finishing the drying process I move onto the curing phase. The buds smell pretty good, but after the 2 weeks in jars they loose all smell and end up smelling like hay. I have them in mason jars and I open the jars everyday for 30 mins. I also bought humidity packs to keep them at the recommended humidity. Not sure where I could be messing up at. Is it possible I am over drying them? I keep them in a closet with an AC set to low 60s for about less than 2 weeks. I usually wait for the main stems to snap before curing.

The ac could be taking down the humidity. What is the rh in the closet? They sometimes smell like hay, but not for long

When I put the fresh new plants inside it hits about 80%, but then slowly hits around 60% after a few days. I also have a humidifier in the closet set to 60% just in case

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sounds like you’re doing well. they say a slow dry is best. I took the easy way and bought a moisture meter. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I just got mine today. The moisture seems to be perfect it was at like 12% just the smell didn’t smell like weed haha

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Mine smelled like hay before, too. It gets better with curing.