Buds smelling different

Interesting question…it has been about 6 weeks since the switch to 12/12 and just in the past couple of days the buds have started to smell very different. It is not the yummy smell that they have smelled like up until now. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

There will be all kinds of different smells until its jarred and your smoking on it… :grin:



You might want to go thru all your plants and closely inspect the buds especially the ones close to the main branches and really look for any darker spots that could signify mold or mildew, it definetly has a smell that is different also check the soil and the bottom of the pot there are many types of funky things that could be growing if the humidity is not right in your space


Lol @peachfuzz that time can’t come soon enough! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: @Chinacat I will check the buds just to be sure there is no mold. The soil looks good though


@Chinacat checked all the buds and they seem fine…

Does anyone else have any ideas?
@Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 @PurpNGold74 @raustin

Some of them will get a funk but like @peachfuzz said that’s all just part of it till the puff puff pass begins


Thank you @Hogmaster :blush: I’ll stop freaking out and just breath and relax…of course that would be easier if I wasn’t going on month three of NO WEED to smoke :weary::weary:

That’s your problem! The girls sense your stress and you have them scared to death you gonna kill them and roast them alive! If I were them I’d be making some odd odors too!

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lol!!! I don’t blame them! I’m stressin man​:weary::flushed:

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