Buds seem to die


A question from a fellow grower:

So I’m dealing with something I’ve never seen before n I’ve been asking around but nobody seems to know what the problem is… Anyway my plant is a blueberry afghan and it’s approx 6.5 ft tall and as of 3.5 wks ago started to get a pretty solid bud structure and about 4 days ago I went up to check on it n much to my surprise the buds looked like they were dieing from the bottom up, I thought this odd bc the plant itself seems to be very healthy it’s just the buds it’s almost as if only the hairs r just shriveling up n dieing on me after all the hairs die it turns the bud brown but all the leaves r still a nice dark green now that I trimmed a few of the dead branches off any idea what it might be?


Fill out a support ticket for the pro’s to help ?


Sounds like bud rot other wise known as: " Botrytis" Check this website BY Robert
Because it sure sounds like you have Botrytis bud rot. I sure hope not