Buds really dry but stems don’t snap?

My buds have been drying for about 5 days and the buds are super dry almost crispy but stems don’t snap. Everywhere I’ve read has said to let them dry for at least 10 days but they feel like super super dry even those stems don’t snap. Should I wait or jar them now?

The stems still have lots of moisture in them. Let them continue to dry low (temps) and slow.


If the small side buds don’t pop off with a gentle pluck then they’re way to wet in their core


I’ll let them keep drying, thanks! Also, does the smell get weaker when drying? It smelled super dank when I harvested it and the first couple days drying but now On day 5 the smell is weaker and just smells like hay/grass.

My temp had been around 70 degrees and humidity about 45-50%. I also have 3 fans to circulate air(non directly blowing in plant) as well as one in the window with a carbon filter fitted into it