Buds not growing?

These babies just seem to be at a complete stand still. No growth it seems in days. I am having difficulty keeping the temp under 80 in this tent. 3x3x6 with a mars hydro fc3000. 6 inch ac infinity exhaust with carbon filter. Ph water 6.0-6.5 every time. Water to about 20% runoff. One is at 1050ppm and the other at 950ppm yesterday after watering. This is my first grow and i am checking on them like every 2 seconds. Lol but i have nothing to compare this grow to. Maybe im just being impatient?


Well let other chime in no pro but your are definitely in flower, so few questions autos or photo. When did they break ground, how long been in flower ? I think I should be good tho. Just keep up what u r doing and u will start to see more and more

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I’m at the same stage of mine and it seemed to have slowed way down right after flowering started. I’m assuming we will get a growth spurt soon :man_shrugging:

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Up to mid 80s is not too hot generally. Just watch the humidity now that they are in flower. Good airflow/exchange is key.

Probably. :wink:

@Kingkupa is correct.

Have patience weedhopper. :cricket: :sloth:


From left to right it takes 7 to 9 weeks
Its actually the longest part of the grow, flowering.


Nice visual explanation. :+1:


Ive got one of mine being slow to build any substantial flower. Im telling myself to just give it time.

Its just now starting to flower at the tops and its been flipped to a 12/12 light cycle for about 6weeks now.

Meanwhile these 2 of the same age are flowering right along.


If you are gonna grow cannabis better get in the habit of waiting!


No truer words ever spoken


@DarhkGrows Hurry up and wait is part of the game lol


If you are in soil 6.0 ph is a bit low. 6.5 is the sweet spot.
Nice job with the staples.

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About 10 days in flower. Autos…one is bubba kush other is wedding cake. Broke ground July 13th

@Ripwater12 let me know how your wedding cake autos go. Mine just started flowering a little. Looks like I’m a couple weeks behind you. Happy growing!

Absolutely Beautiful :blush::v:

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My impatient ass chose the wrong game to get addicted too lemme tell ya :rofl::rofl: definitely worth the wait though! It’s just painful getting there, but I reckon once you have a steady flow of hud there, so you’re not without any while waiting for next harvests, time will seem quicker :pray:t2: I hope :rofl::wink:

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:joy: yes I’m feeling it. I haven’t bought any or smoked very much of anything (only what my brother-in-law has brought to smoke) these last 3 months that I been waiting for my auto to finish. Now it’s done chopped just waiting to start the cure :see_no_evil:. Also got 3 photoperiods going lookin at sometime in nov for to be done harvested I think they are 8-12 weeks strains.


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Ahhh awesome!! I got two autos on the go and two more germinating, I’m planning on picking up another tent this week or next, when I get that I think I’ll either do one veg and one flower tent, or one auto and photo tent, haven’t decided yet :rofl: what strains you got going brother ?

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@Se7en ive got Super Silver Haze, Blue Haze and Purple Haze. They are the colorful mix pack. Haven’t taken any pictures of them in awhile, haven’t done much with them since I flipped them to 12/12 and it’s getting like a jungle in there! Water them tomorrow and figure I’ll probably remove some of the bigger leaves blocking stuff. Also only have 200w of light to use for now. So underpowered but noob mistake starting more then I can do :joy::see_no_evil: . Lesson learned! Also debating buying a 4x4 and maybe another 4x2 and a 2x2. So I’d have two 4x2s. 1. Autos 2. Veg. 4x4 for flower and the 2x2 for drying! Ofc all over time but aiming for the 4x4 setup by Xmas!

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