Buds not getting frosty

Hi there
I convert back to 18/6 light cycle for 2 weeks to get a little more height out of them- they grew to 3.5 feet - i crowned the peak of them. plants currently about a foot below lights all with large canopies. Now I go and lollipop prune all of them because there is no chance the under layers are getting any light. MY CONCERN: the plants are all showing bud growth, but only one plant has the frosty covered leaves and sticky resin surrounding the bud, while the rest of the plants are all showing buds that are more green in nature with no resin at all. These seedlings were planted March 9th, so imo im behind schedule. I know the revert back to veg lighting was my first mistake as it caused a series of 3-finger fan leaves growing towards the very tops of all the plants. I also recognize that as a result of the switch I slowed down my flowering stage. However the ultimate question is did I mess up my harvest with all of these changes? - or will the bud eventually form resin like the one example I speak off. I know each individual plant is different, but I find it strange that one plant is covered in heavy resin even in the early stages of bud development while the rest are not. Does lollipop pruning just simply create multiple smaller bud zones, or will all the off shoots grow bud similar to that of the central cola had I not crowned?
Appreciate any advise or info - thank you in advance.

That just means the one covered in resin is a better pheno type. It would be the clone that u kept (at least without the smoke test)

Nothing to be alarmed about. If you have pics share away. When did they start back flowering?


Call it a lesson learned. Your gonna get what you get, just flower them out.

Appreciate the reply, here are some photos

You are extremely early to be seeing resin on any tbh. Take ur time and let them grow.

It looked like reveg for a sec , yeah like in 3 more weeks