Buds looking funny?

Not really sure what’s going on here but it’s almost like the buds are dying before they grow if that makes any sense.

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Hard to see, can you post pics individually so we can zoom in on them?

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That doesn’t look good. Is it crumbly?

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Some of the leaves look like this also

I think you’ve got WPM and bud rot. Is this plant outside?


Yup. Looks like wpm. Possibly bud rot. The blurple light makes me think indoors.
@Dizzydan what’s your rh looking like lately?

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I’m running indoor 600w LED, Happy Frog / Coco cola mix foxfarms grow big, big bloom, Advanced Nutrients big bud, and a little cal/mag for a mix of about 500 ppm at 5.8 to 6.2ph, run off is 6.2ph and 430ppm. Also my water is 170ppm so the nuts are even less going in. I have a ventilation fan running 14 hours a day with a circulation fan running 18 hours a day

Your fans should be running 24 hours. What is your R/H? Im guessing it’s very high when your fans aren’t running.


The exhaist fan is really needed after lights out. As temps drop the rh in the tent will climb.

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It’s in a walk in closet that’s roughly 72 square feet and RH rarely exceeds 60%. I’ll leave the circulation fan on 24/7

60% is high in flower. I’m not really sure you can save this plant. The WPM looks pretty advanced, but you can try to use a 50/50 mix of H202 and water to eliminate it along with the bud rot.


Yea I was afraid of that. All 4 look the same but the pictures one is the worse. Good thing I took clones from them a few weeks ago so maybe they will be their replacements

Try to keep your clones away from your infected plant. That mold and rot will spread very quickly. Also make sure you clean your grow tent thoroughly with a bleach solution.


I’ll do the best I can has its a closet.

I’ve decided that these four plants are a total loss. The only good thing is the Clones are not affected as they are in a different room. I will keep treating them anyways just to make sure. Tomorrow I will start cleaning the grow room I and wash it down

Every scientific study I’ve managed to turn up shows that h2o2 baths, potassium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate do not effectively eradicate boytritis. Sure there’s lots of anecdotal evidence, but nothing empirical that shows it will halt bud rot. They will make it difficult to reproduce on the surface by sanitizing or raising pH levels, but once boytritis gets in the plant it can’t be reached by those treatments.
Those three treatments will halt wpm, and sometimes that’s the gateway for boytritis to enter the plant. So it’s not going to hurt trying them (unless you dump too much sodium bicarbonate into your soil. Don’t do it).
I’ve been actively using them and I can’t say they’ve made a difference. The best thing I’ve done is cover the plants so they get no rain, and put a big box fan over them to keep air moving. ie alter the environment.

Since @Dizzydan has some advanced wpm I’d recommend removal of the rotted buds as far down as he needs to go until there’s no rot and then the h2o2 spray. He might salvage something, he might not…

The clones should also get a good spray of the h2o2 or potassium bicarbonate. It’ll kill off any wpm or bud rot spores before they get a chance to get a foothold.

Wipe down everything in your grow area with bleach and water. Use the same to clean all your tools. If you reuse your containers bleach them too.

Good luck and happy growing. :+1:


You’re right, once bud rot sets in there’s really nothing that will kill it except cutting it out. Still, it doesn’t hurt to try.


Also, if humidity is an issue, soil moisture will be as well. Invest $10 in some fabric pots.


But won’t the soil pot give off more moisture? BTW thanks for all the replays and help. Im still learning and any help is appreciated.