Buds look small?

I got a couple plants in a greenhouse and I flipped them on 6/22 but started noticing The bud forming on the 7/5 of this month. Are they still small or is there something wrong ? Any nutrients you guys recommend for fatter buds?

using Sensi bloom A&B
Bud candy
Mendocino honey

Cherry cookie

Forgot the strain lol

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No they look good. Lot of white pistols left. Just give them time. I switched from general hydroponics flora trio and a few other additives to just general hydroponics maxi series and drykoolbloom


Don’t worry the buds will begin to grow out in a few weeks.


And swell, it’ll be much larger than when it started.


this is my 3rd grow using the sensei line

okay ill just wait it out

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they look good. Looks like good trichome development for the week of flower. Looks like tou got 7 or 9 weeks to go(depending on many factors)
. Those boogers will fatten up nice in about a month if you feeder rite and the light is good.

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im feeding sensi bloom A&B , Bud candy, i want to feed it some nutrients to fatten up but im still looking

Ive never used that brand. Rite now I’m using emerald harvest. The king kola and emerald goddess seems to really beef them up. In conjuction with their bloom notes of course.

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yeah i got suggested king cola but i went with bud candy and big bud.

You should look at other Advanced Nutrients products that you aren’t using but should, like B52, Rhino Skin, Overdrive and others. You should get familiar with the nutrients calculator on their website, tells you what other products you should/could be using.

I got questions on the rhino skin…

Unless I’m mistaken that is the silica based add on that improves plant rigidity rite? Like other brand sturdy stalk…

That being said I’ve never used any, do I really need it? I rarely have a bud too heavy for my grow method to support. And if I do i tie it off with jute for support, thats rare tho.

Is there a benefit im not seeing? I mean having some around in case you get a spindly pheno seems like a good idea but in general seems unnecessary. Am I misunderstanding it??

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Yes, you should be using a silica supplement, it has many benefits that are research proven, it reinforces plant cells, strengthening cell walls, making thicker branches and stems which allow it to transport water and nutrients more efficiently making for faster and better growth which all translates to bigger buds. Who doesn’t want bigger buds? Also reduces the threats from pests and disease.

Silica is available in abundance in outside soil and should be considered an essential element to indoor growing.

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:thinking: thanks @hellrIser. I’ll add it to my next grow and throw up some pics for comparison.

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What about tarantula and sensi zym @Hellraiser

I use it all