Buds, Leaves dried out

Hi all. This plant is close to harvest (possibly next week. Already started flushing - I am in the Southern Hemisphere). Yet, besides several very nice buds, it looks a little “lackluster” and there were two or three small buds/leaves which I removed. They are the two in the pictures. I am not sure what’s going on there. They appear to be dead/dried out, yet, they’re on the plant, and it’s getting nutes & water as all the other plants around it. Same strain also as the others around it. I attach the pics.

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I dont know what to say but​:scream::scream::scream: outdoor grow? @elheffe702 @blackthumbbetty @Bubblehead @dbrn32 @MattyBear @garrigan62 @GreenCoat @GreenJewels not leaving anyone out on purpose but curios

Carefully check your other buds. If it’s what I think, the problem usually starts inside the bud and works its way outward.


Those look,like they burned from something. Did you spray anything on the leaves?

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I’m with Betty. You have any healthy looking buds with abnormally yellow leaves coming out of them? If so, please post a pic ASAP.

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:no_mouth: I got nothing sorry

:scream: looks like it got sprayed with weed killer.

I would toss it out, there isn’t anything left. Sorry.

Hey folks, thanks for all the replies.

Not an outdoor grow. Greenhouse. Tjis specific plant is mow outside, as I was afraid it may be pests that could spread.

I do think the folks referring to stuff sprayed on it may be correct. Had a whitefly infestation and sprayed with organic insecticide. Garlic and Canola oil. I may have overdone it, as I am quite new to this.

I include images of the other buds as well as images of the specs of the insecticide.

Thanks again for everyone’s responses. Any additional comments and advice much appreciated.

Just on a side note: all the dead leaves that are hanging off of the buds were from some serious heat damage about a month ago. I simply didn’t remove the dead leaves.

We had some massively high temperatures for autumn over this past month. quite extraordinary.

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