Buds just halted. Why?

Thx that helps a lot. I’m gonna do half dosage bc my nutes for flower are lighter on the nitrogen. I made few adjustments with my air intake too. It’s running lil hotter than I like. 83… with light on. You think that lil to warm? Getting much better circulation tho

83 isn’t bad but is the top of where I like to stay so make sure you don’t let it go much higher 65-85 is my high low . Watch your humidity too 40-60% during flower it’s best to stay under 55 buds like to hold moisture and for whatever reason this year has been bad for white powder mildew and bud rot. It would be good if you find an article or two on these and how to avoid it much easier to avoid them than fight them

I been reading on everything for 6 days. I gonna try better lighting for bloom then the hydro 420. Just from reading I feel the hps would be best for healthier harvest

I’ve only been growing indoor for a couple years after hiding (growing) in the mountains for over 30 years my health has stuck me in a closet now. I have only used LEDs and I only had a couple blurple ones until I think March this year I bought a spider farmer sf2000 and I have it in the middle of the two blurple ones. I sent a list to Santa claus and hopefully he’ll bring me another sf and a tent. I think I could do a better job of controlling my environment in a tent :crossed_fingers: so what I was getting at is I haven’t used any of the other lights, and I’m completely ignorant on which do what and how well they do it. I mean I’ve read a few articles on different ones but I couldn’t honestly give you or anyone else real advice. Except for on LEDs and my knowledge of them is definitely not vast but I can look at the numbers and use a little logic to evaluate them. I point out little logic and knowledge lol