Buds have ball like structure?

This plant got stressed and foxtailed pretty good.

It’s a Blue Dream auto.

The buds have a lot of these ball like structure to them. Is this the result of being stressed? Within the realm of normal?

What do you think?

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Here is another pic, these buds came from the same plant.


Common trait of a foxtail. Those are calyx still stuffed with pistils.


What ^^^ said


Is it junk? Or still good just shaped funny?

Are they hard then their seeded calyxes you can tell seeds from how much bigger they get to surrounded virgin calyxes

No, they aren’t seed like, they are… Juicy? If that makes sense. They are green, can be crushed, just little green balls in clusters through the buds.

Then you’re fine its just foxtails that just look bigger since they had more room to expand

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Right on, good news. Maybe they will become gummies is they are still good. They do look odd.

They will smoke just fine…I get that sometimes when I pound them with light during flowering.

I’ll find out in a few days how the smoke is, thanks @Riskguy !

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