Buds Full Of Seeds

Hi All - Merry Christmas.

As I mentioned in a previous post I have had continual problems with Hermies resulting in pollinating in my indoor grow tent. All the 8 plant’s buds have seeds in them :frowning:

It is 3 weeks before harvest. Some seeds have already started to harden, others are still soft.

Is there anything I can do to try and rescue ‘something’ to avoid the whole crop becoming a total expensive and hugely dissapointing write off. eg Should I harvest now, before all seeds form but the hairs are still white. Or any other suggestions of anything I can try and do.

Many thanks

Sounds bad dude. I read someone else’s post with similar problem’s and a member recommend picking the seeds off the bud with tweezers and letting it finish. No idea if it will help but I do know after this grow you will need to sanitize your tent. Like sanitize with fire! Lol DON’T set your tent on fire. Lots of alcohol should be good

Yeah I spray and wipe my tent with alcohol after harvest and when ever I have a pest issue pulled the girls and disinfected twice in my last grow . Good luck on getting the hermie issue under control

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I feel theres not a whole lot you can do just let them finish or cut early but if they come from good seeds …then smoke it lol ive seen some great bud with seed …but i would try and figure out if this happened because of something Environmental something with your setup light leaks heat stress ect that way it can be fixed
Good luck happy growinf

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Just out of curiosity where do you live? I hear there are places in California (and other areas) where there is so much pollen in the air that it’s hard to grow female plants. Outside is really really hard. Don’t know if it’s true or not.

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Everyone seems to forget the value of regular non feminized seeds if you went 8;8 and all hermied they had genetic pre-disposition towards it. Regular seeds have 50/50 chance of being male or female and a true female is far less likely to hermi feminized seeds are created by hermi females so they are far more likely to have this issue.


People used to clone for the simple fact fem seeds were unreliable nature will find a way. There could be other facts temps pollen etc. but I stress the shit out of my ladies with temp swings low high humidity cloning pruning bending light burns you name it if the genes are good they don’t hermi easily


Ive never had one go all gender confusion on me and im happy not to have it go that way imagine that conversation I’d have to have them to sort out their preferences are you boy or girl haha

Many new growers are lucky(spoiled) I am honestly surprised fem seeds don’t hermi more often why it’s so important we all learn how to spot the little bastards before they take over


For sure i wouldnt want my grow space contaminated with them
But i check my girls out every time im feeding or watering so i believe id spot and issue before damage could be done …i pray…

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I had one do same thing got some of the other plants. But all you can do is keep going.had 1 hermie on me broke branch off when dropped a light on it.

Many thanks for all your replies. When I first noticed the Hermies appearing I tried to remove them as best as I could but as I mentioned in another post (Continual Hermies Problems)
I have 8 plants growing in an indoor grow tent (2.4m x 1.2m x 1.8m) (8ft x 4ft x 6ft)

These plants have developed extremely well (tall and bushy) and due to this it is basically impossible to carefully inspect the plants at the back of the grow tent as I can’t easily get to the back because of the nets in place and for worry of damaging the plants. I presume this is the area where the hermies were missed that led to them pollinating the plants.

I guess it would be better to have fewer plants in the tent, so that they can be managed better.