Buds drying in 3 days, help

hi guys, my harvest is drying in 3 days in a cardboard box. I left all leaves on but it still dried in 3 days, what do i do now, please HELP.

When you say they are dry does the stem snap when you bend it? If so, do you have any 62 Boveda packs that you can jar up the buds once you trim them up? Boveda packs will help to rehydrate too.


Yep what @AnneBonny said would be my first try . Card board can suck the moisture right out of the outside of the bud . Get them in a jar and sealed asap they may come back without the bovida pack as long as they aren’t just crunchy


Pretty much once they’re too dry you cant restart the curing process. It’s done and nothing you do with make it start up again. While you can hydrate the bud with the boveda packs it will do nothing to start the curing process again. If you have a humidifier I would use that and try to keep humidity at around 50% while drying. Sounds like your dry area/climate is really dry. As long as that’s a problem, drying will be a problem. You can hang the whole plant and leave everything to try drying, that should help slow down the process.

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Would it help to put it in refrigerator for little bit to bring it back in case so to speak

The 62% Boveda packs will definitely help I have over dried before and they do help rehydrate unless it’s way way dry @AnneBonny is right on

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Yip, the stem breaks, I’ve only got 72% Boveda (all i could get my hands on), will this work ?

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I’ve put apples in to anything to create moisture back in it

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72% bovada packs are a little high. I’ve even read that 62% is slightly too high and people like the 56-58% packs better.

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I’m a 62 person but yeah pot that 72 if it’s dry it may help won’t hurt :wink:

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I love Bovedas, they are awesome!!

I’m also with @Jwj, you can even take fresh cannabis leaves off of a different plant and put them in the jar and they will rehydrate :wink:

This usually adds enough moisture for me that I have to let them dry a little bit again lol


You can definitely rehydrate the bud. But it wont help to cure it any more.

you guys are awesome, thanks for all the Advice.

Great info @AnneBonny thumb

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Thanks for all the advice/support guys, harvest is workin out just awesome. Think i was paranoid (inexperience), thought they were too dry - turned out to be nice sticky buds

- affectionately known as Clone H (cloned from awesome bag seed mother plant, great spicy/lemony taste & smell) , stocking up for winter in SA - dry weight 175g :grinning:

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The Boveda you bought will leave too much humidity in jar. You need 62% for dry climates and 59% for humid climates.

The one thing no one mentioned is: Even if the stem “SNAPS!” like a dried twig; It is hard to imaging the inner part of the bud being totally dry even if the outer appears super dry.

Drying should be done in 70-80 degrees and some air circulation. Never place a fan blowing directly on the plants or the outer area will dry too fast

Ifind that when I take flower with the appearance of being too dry and stick it in a closed paper bag; It seems to moisten back up from the interior of bud. Another trick is to add 1 green cannabis leaf into the bag for natural moisture.

hope this helps someone. Peace, lw :slight_smile: