Buds don't look right

They just keep producing more shoots and pistels.
Keeps getting looser at top of buds.
Trichs are 50 50 clear and cloudy.
Did this bitch go hermie?
Haven’t seen any bananas or balls.

I already answered this in your other post, still the same answer, it is “crowning”, also known as “foxtailing”.


Thanks again. Just a little paranoid I guess.
What should i do, back the light off a little? Or just let it go.
400 watt hps on a 11\13. Light is pretty close, warm to the back of my hand. Just like you taught me big brother. Lol

Yup. raising the light could help. It could be genetic too, and it isn’t too much to worry about.


Thanx again. Your help and insight are much appreciated. Gear up.