Buds, colas, nuggets...Trim )how much is to much


During flowering stage and had a problem with lite colored and spotted leafs but problem is fixed so my question is how much can you trim off a plant that has been lollypoped and ending flowering.


It’s growers preference. I tent to take leaves off throughout the grow cycle. The only leaves left on by the time I harvest is usually just leaves tbst have trichomes on them. Others don’t hardly take any off. I would find something that works for you and your grow, if that makes sense


Im with @Dieselgrower as far as its personal preference
I myself leave all leaves on and let nature do the rest
I let mine fall off naturally as the plant uses them up with the occasional helping hand if they are just hanging on it i can lightly pull and they come off ill take them


Guess I needed to ask will it hurt it ? Will it still produce and fatten up.


What did you do to correct your problem on your leaves


By the way nice bud you have there and when’s the party


I always try to stop taking leaves off as they end their stretch so I can get max growth and then the lady uaually has plenty of time for her to fatten up nicely. How much longer do you feel you have left in your best guess.
I also don’t take them of if they have trichomes on them as @bob31 stated



Are you talking about the leaves coming out around the buds? Or the fan leaves down below? You photos is of leaves around the bud and if that is what you are referring to then you don’t want to remove those. Those are covered in trichomes.


Thank you and it was a calcium deficiency…Did flush and fed lighty.


I don’t touch any of them unless thay are not letting in light or thay are damage or yellowing thay need them otherwise that wouldn’t grow make sense