Buds booming after flush


Ok guys I have 2 plants 9 weeks in flower, tricomes looked closd so i begain to flush, after 1st flush plants over night got bigger and started new white hairs everywhere. After reading up its foxtailing and iam assuming the flush has unlocked alot in my soil
. Well i desided to let these grow till they stopped but its been 3 flushes ppm is down from 1700 to 300. But here’s my question the buds are big and when you open one up and peel it back its green green on the inside and done on the out side…will it mold? Do i keep fan on them? Is this what dense bud does? Do i let grow or flush one more time and harvest?
Foxtailing good or bad?..thx guys


Would love to see pictures @Ky2high , I am just starting my first grow and could use the inspiration. :cowboy_hat_face: Will also learn something.




this pic shows best every white spot is a foxtail .



Thanks for photos, @Ky2high, I will be very interested in what folks have to say on this.

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@Ky2high set to watching, looks like you just got more bud mass and more trichomes :+1:


If you have a magnifier you could look at the trichomes and this is what you need to see


Ive seen trichomes and like i said they were ready for me untill it foxtailed now there clear on inside and amber on the out…


I don’t know anything about that but if the buds are ready I will stick to the plan and harvest… Your choice I guess :ok_hand::wink:


I so see a bit of clear in that picture you posted
I would recommend you check a few different spots to get a over all readyness of the plant


Thx Countryboy…heys the thing now after todays flush had a ppm of 450 . And ph run off 6.3…going to harvest one but the other can i or should i throw a feeding in or just continue tok flush till done ?


If you going to let the other finish up another week or two i would just ph water her
Let her use up all the nutrients in soil and eat herself up :+1:
I dont flush myself all i do is stop feeding two weeks before harvest @Ky2high


Do as John suggested and sample multiple spots. But from what I see I’d stick to your plan.