Buds aren't developing

This is such a great site for us fledglings! I am a first timer…… I’m growing 6 plants indoors in a 2’x4’x 84”tent. I have 3 northern lights (fem) and 3 white widow (fem). I’m using organic soil, (foxfarm), Floranova nutrients (veg & bloom), 3 gallon grow bags, 4” 190 cfm duck fan w/carbon filter. 1 1500w (280w draw) full spectrum, triple chip LED, & 1 1000w (same specs) LED. I’m in an indoor basement room with no windows. I’ve maintained temps at around 85 – 90 and humidity stays between 50- 60. I water/feed every other day. 3 times feed then plain water. ½ gallon per plant. The plants have behaved very well, and I’ve never seen any signs of them not being happy. I switched to 12-12 flowering light and a week later I started seeing foxtails spouting along the stems at the tops of all the plants. Around 8” of foxtail sprouting. A week later the plants started stretching pretty good and grew about a foot in the next 2 weeks. I’ve kept the lights about 18” from the top of the canopy. WELL…. it’s been 30 days since I first saw the foxtails sprouting and other than the stretch, nothing is changing except the stems at the top of the plants are turning red. I’d thought I start to see well developed buds by now. Here are some photos. ANY help and/or ideas is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance…JM

Peculiar. Seems on the verge of budding?

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@Jonmont06, I have WWA outdoors and mine started pre-blooming exactly 30 days after sprouting, last picture looks like they are in pre-bloom.

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You need to make sure that your lights are turning on and off as scheduled… it takes about 3 weeks before full on blooming takes place , but it almost seems like your light schedule is bouncing around… :wink:
Or maybe not enough watts for your area… @dbrn32 what you think?


I would guess light contamination of some sort too.


You have anything with lights on other than your grow light inside of your tent? Power strip, dehumidifier, anything like that?

If no, then you need to make sure you don’t have any voltage leak on your timer or anything else keeping diodes dimly lit. Wouldn’t be the first time. Also, turn all the lights on outside of your tent then get in it and zip it up and check for any light leaks.

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Thanks everyone… the tent is in a storage room with only one light which is kept off unless I go in to water. There are no other lights, not even a light on the plug strip. I checked the timer and it’s on at 7:00 off at 7:00. My light meter pegs at full bright when I hold it under the lights at canopy height. I’ll keep watching over the next week or so and update this topic then.

I’m not sure what significance the light meter has? But as long as you’re sure there’s no other light getting into your tent.

I’m with dbrn32. You must have light leaks somewhere. Powerstrips have glowing lights, timers can gave glowing lights, intake or exhaust can have leaks. Sit in your tent with the lights off, and zipped up. You’ll see light if it exists.

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Your temps seem a bit high, too. Also, what nutes are you using? You’re doing feed, feed, feed, water?
"I’ve maintained temps at around 85 – 90 and humidity stays between 50- 60. I water/feed every other day. 3 times feed then plain water. ½ gallon per plant. "

You got to keep in mind that the shorter flower time that I’ve seen for a weed strain is 52 days… you’re another month off. Weed plants can grow so much in one day let alone even a couple of hours. If you got a strain that has a little longer flowering time then that would make sense why and also a couple days of light leaks can completely stop the flowering process. They need to a have a minimum of 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness. Maybe try giving them an extra hour or two of dark and see If they respond better.

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Listen to these guys. My observation is youve got photos in 3 gallon pots. Normally most growers use 5 gallon or larger for photos & the e gallon for autos. I made that mistake 1st grow & girls couldnt get to their potential.
Happy Growing!!


I"m using General Hydroponics -flora bloom. and just like you, I water everyother day, 1/2gal per plant. 3 times with nutes, then 1 time plain water.

I am also a newbie. I am going to be putting my 2plants inside.
I was told to go to guides for information and it was very helpful.
Everyone on this site is also very helpful.
Good luck
And keep us posted

I do not water every other day, myself. I water when it’s necessary.

Have you switched to bloom nutes & severely decreased grow nutes?

You def have a few things that could be contributing. Your pot size, the number of plants per tent, your temps, possible light leaks, and your feeding schedule. They are lovely & green, but there’s gotta be something happening to prevent buds.

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MYSTERY SOLVED… NEW QUESTION. Thanks everyone for all your insight. Things just weren’t making sense. I double checked for light leaks and it’s as dark as the inside of deep cave. But the plants are definitely reverting back to veg mode. So I started check EVERYTHING. The fan, the power, the thermometer, the timer…THE TIMER! My timer uses little pins that you pull out to turn on and push in to turn off. Week ago pushed in half the pins, giving me 12 hours on, 12 hours off. I checked it for a few days and everything was working perfectly. And voila, a week later the flowers started. Then slowly everything went down hill. What was happening was the vibration of the tent caused by the vent fan and circulation fan had caused the timer to vibrate over against the extension cords and slowly wedge under the cords eventually pushing one pin down, then the next pin etc etc. The timer was effectively back to about 17 hours light and 7 hours dark! I’m forcing the plants back into veg mode!!! SO, now that I’m feeding them bloom food and forcing them back to veg mode. What do I do? Just go back to 12 - 12? Continue in veg mode with veg food for a while so I don’t totally confuse the poor girls? The wisdom of the forum is once again ask for. Humbly JM.


Yes go back to 12/12. You lost some flower time but that’s all. The plants will go back into flower ing pretty soon after you switch back.

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They will be monsters for sure… lol
Live and learn… start bending them over now while you can… :grin:


Far out lol yeah thanks for that I have the same timer