Buds are turning brown.. not bud rot?

Hello, I hope someone can help me. I have several outdoor plants that have been growing and are starting to flower. I noticed that the buds are turning brown. I know what bud rot looks like and don’t think this is it but not sure. Recently I gave my plants a heavy dose of Maxsea to give them extra phosphorous and potassium. I have some plants that are not doing this and are of the same strain. I can’t see how to upload photos but can if someone tells me how to do it

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Please show pics I have one bud that is brown on top and I’m wondering as well thanks for sharing

My buds are recovering, I had given them too much of the wrong fertilizer and burnt them. Flushed them out some and they are recovering

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If you have bud rot on some nugs, does anyone know how safe it is to harvest other parts of that plant that do not seem to be affected? I would not like to take a chance and vape mold into my lungs.
I have previously thrown out complete plants because I saw a few areas of certain bud rot.

I recommend to do a peroxide bath, and cut out affected parts.
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I think I have bud rot, will a baking sofa and lemon bath do? Or does it have to be peroxide?

You’ll need to cut out the affected areas. Peroxide for the rest.

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