Buds are swelling but no trichomes

I’m growing in 3 gallon fabric pots using ffof soil using marshydro ts600 in a 2x4 grow tent ph water between 6.2-6.5 using Gh Trio with fish s*#t also plants are blue mystic(left) gsc(right) autos, they are about 9 weeks old the buds are swelling but no trichhomes what is going on


I am afraid that the light is pretty small for those plants! Overall they look good.


I agree with @GoodMafia, your plants do look good. If you are expecting dense buds you will need a lot more light…I am talking three to four times what you currently have. The light that you have will produce buds but they will be very fluffy. The low light intensity is likely the reason that you are not seeing trichomes as well.


If I add a second ts 600 would it be too late to save these girls

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Difficult to say for certain but I think it would help (a lot). They are quite far along but give them more light so they can be as good as possible.

Good luck with it and happy growing.