Buds are not that potent


Hi I bought some super skunk seeds from ILGM. It was my first grow. They grew under a 600 W HPS light from start to finish. Buds Are really sticky I can see the crystals everywhere. The smoke goes down really smooth. It is just not that strong I know it is different price on the seeds is it the quality that I bought or since it was my first grow what can I do better. I want to end up with a one hitter quitter. Can you help. my plants did not have any smell to them neither do the buds? did you have that problem also


When I first harvested my sour diesel, it was not up to par. I thought I cut her too soon. But after a week or so, of slow drying and curing it became nice. A month later and it’s the best I’ve smoked
Don’t know how long it has been but it will improve during the cure😎


There are a number of things you can do that frankly just require more grows to play with and figure out what technique works best. My first harvest turned out very well but my second, while potent, was harsh from residual nutes.

Time in cure will help greatly.


Thanks for taking the time to read my post I have cured it for a week and a half


I have some amnesia haze in DW see it will be my second grow they are growing a little quicker then my first plants. I am not rushing anything though I have great patience


They need to be cured for about a month @Hashassin Are you burping them daily? Keeping the RH at about 60%?


Had the same problem with my S.S… It was my most disappointing grow so far. Maybe some bad phenotype. Had trouble with W.W. auto recently complete opposite of previous auto grow. You just never know. Moral of the story? Don’t put all your beans in one basket. Stay diversified.


@joen On your next grow why not do a grow journal so we can follow along with you. maybe we can throw a couple tips at you as your go along that might help with the final harvest. Without knowing more about your grow I can’t really comment on your experience, but I can offer to be a secondset of eyes on your next grow!


Hi. I have been burping but I’ve kept humidity at 40%. With a good draft. I’ve read lower humidity prevents mold ?


Thank you. I will start a grow journal with pictures. I’ve already started my second grow I harvested my first one two weeks ago my second grow I started a month and a half ago three seeds of amnesia haze I will post pictures later I am at work right now but I will start my photo journal today


The humidity in the jars needs to be around 60 for a perfect cure. The best way to keep them that way is with these


small hygrometer for jars Inkbird


Bovedas 62% Two Way Packs




Just to address this. That is what you do in drying. You want a cool dry place that is well ventilated. One they are dry (smaller stems snap) Then you place them into jars for curing.

Drying time depends on the humidity in your drying area.

Curing takes a month. Open the jars a couple time daily for the first week to get fresh air in. Once the humidity stabilizes add the bovedas. I still open the jars every day or so as needed.


The longer it cures the better it gets !!! And you definitely want to invest in a scope 60x zoom

this was 14 bucks I harvest 100% milky when it turns Amber that’s when it starts to give you the couch lock :lock: 30% amber puts me to sleep :zzz: Well if you have the patience to cure it for for three months you will be highly impressed


100% @Hogmaster is right on the money!


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