Buds are not doing anything, should I feed them again and restart the flush?

A question of a fellow grower:
I purchased this plant as a clone on Sept, 2.I was told It was about 7 days old I transplanted into a 5-gallon container with organic soil. I started it off on an 18 /6 light schedule. On Nov,7 I changed the light schedule to 12/12 and it was very slow to start I used Fox Farms Nutrients at half the recommended level for the first two weeks in veg then switched to the full amount until I switched to flowering nutrients in its second week of flower. My question is I started my flush on Jan,2 and now a week later my buds are really not doing
anything. Should I feed them again and restart the flush or just wait?

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If you started the flush you are planning to harvest
How did you judge when to start flush ?
As far as feeding that would depend on when your harvesting
What did you expect the buds to do ? That your not seeing happening ??
I always feed full according to mfg mixing chart start at once a week and increase if needed
Other thing is this you should have started the transition to flower nutrients when you changed your light schedule
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You’ve been overwatering for sure… plant is struggling to live… drowning… :wink:
Also your plant looks cold… :wink:

I have a plant that has flowers but doesn’t have pollen sacks, not really growing buds. plenty of flowers…does the flowers die then buds start?..Not a male.Plz help!