Buds are getting crunchy


So its been 4 days now since the chop down. They are hanging as a whole plant with 90% of the leaves cut off. The room is central air . Av. 75 degrees with a fan exausting out and another circulating the rest … The buds are a little bit crunchy , not much , maybe 15% . The stalks are not snapping … Should I start using mason jars or wait till the smallest branch snaps ??? I dont want them to dry out … Yep


Wait untill the buds snap off branch before putting in jars theres a ton of moisture still inside the bud
If you jar them early you run a risk of molding
Temps in the 75-80 degree range is good humidity should be in the 55-60 range when drying


@Countryboyjvd1971 has you covered. I had the same concerns on my first harvest. Humidity was really low and my buds dried out in 3-4 days. I jarred them and a day later, buds felt soft again. I burped them twice a day for 2 weeks to get them to dry thoroughly.


Keep in mind the denser the buds the slower the dry. Larfy buds hanging with lots of air movement will dry pretty quickly.


You can put your buds in a cardboard box, like a shoe box or something. Others put them in paper grocery bags. It’ll help slow down drying a bit, if you’re worried about your buds getting too crispy.


I hang mine to the pount your talking about then place in paper bags.


I jar mine earlier than a lot of people, but I burp 3 times a day for a few weeks.


Mine go straight into deep-freeze for making live shatter, you guys would love the stuff if you never tried it before!

My buds never get dried! They only get extracted and composted! I’m done smoking weed!

Vapes, sugar, wax, oil, and shatter, the only way to high!


I do enjoy my rosin @Shatter and press most of my harvest
But i also still enjoy a nice fat cone or two


@Countryboyjvd1971, Don’t get me wrong, the cream of the crop (big fat tops) get set aside to be laced with shatter, to the point it almost canoes and smolders, less on humid days, much more on dry days, who else checks barometric pressure, dew point, and temperature before they roll a bone? ( a necessity the way I roll’em).