Buds are falling off

One day one of the buds had tipped over looked terrible, and was falling off, picture included. I harvested that branch. Noticed some other good buds were falling off, the other branches what is happening? The tricons are amber on 50% or more of the flowersimage|375x500


Pull the bud back and look for caterpillars. Mi e had similar spots that literally happened over night. Dig deep and pulled 6 off today they were buried in the bud. Just pull on the tips.of the leaves to get the buds open looks for black specs which is there poo

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That is possible, but only on a couple branches. Should I cut those?

I would look for caterpillars bro u never know of theres none then you know its rot

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Wow, looked at one of the buds that fell off and a green worm/catapiler was

in the bud! Small but there. Could this be why some are falling off? Pic of the good buds that fell off.

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Yeah they eat the stems and they fall off they are aggressive eaters and moths can lay 50 to hundreds of eggs I would search the buds where damage is mostlikely you will find worms deep be gentle pull the tips of leaves down to open bud someti.e u gotta pull a few to find the leaf located to bud… usually worm damage seems to be orange and lil brown. I had them today too… one right in the kola of my bud

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from worms x.x gotta look real close they blend in extremely well. They chew right through the stems sometimes ruining entire kolas had one happen a few eyears ago whole top turned brown x.x

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Oh damn!

There poop is Tiny black pebbles easy to locate that why too and damaged leafs

And my blue cookie plant smells so good and is gorgeous crushed my soul seeing the damage today. I thought mold too until I told my girl to open the bud wh were the damage was and yup there was a damn Caterpillar. People use the safer Caterpillar spray as a preventive and to kill them if there established I’m not sure if it’s ok to use tho I always just picked them off with my finger in the past but it can get quite tedious. I only have a few to take care of tho z.z

Thanks so much for the heads up. I’ll probably just harvest the plant. What do you think about washing the buds like some do in hydrogen peroxide?

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Yeah that’s what I have to do to brother. I’m in california and the fires the last month have been dropping ash on my baby’s. Jorge Cervantes has a video on YouTube on the mixture that’s what I’m using too. They to pick em out now so your not smoking caterpillars lol you will get some popping as you smoke the joint lol.

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Just wash them gentle heard of amazing results

Also most people have 1 or 2 more containers with clean water to dip them instead of using hose lol