Buds are dying on me?


Any help
With this would b great. One of my plants the top half of it is frying. Like it’s dried out and dying but the bottom looks good. Any idea my PH is 7.0 in my soil . Room temp is 70-75 , humidity around 45-50 I’m about 4wks into bud


4 weeks into bud should be pistols and the start of bud formstion, don’t worry too much. shoes pic and ill go into more detail. but my guess is light too close? look in the buds middle make sure you don’t have bud rot and try to keep your humidity at 40% 45% max. generally your buds should be fine if he others are all ok. PH should be st 6.7 ideally but 6.5 to 6.8 is the range. what strain, what lights? what distance from lights is the top bud? what are you FEEDING them? hope I can help


Wow man thanks for the quick reply. The thing is I have 3 others right next to it and they are fine. The leaves are dry and it seriously looks like they r dying. I’m usung 1000w about 30 inches above right now. It started turning about a week ago and I had a surgery so I had hey a friend feed them but pretty basic stuff . They have pretty good buds in them already I guess im actually in my 5 th week almost to the end of it Sunday. My other plants look good but I’m wondering if I should just chop the bad off or ace this plant. I’m kinda late in the game to do to much


Pictures speak a thousand words, if you could get us some pictures I think we will all be able to help you a lot more. Hope we can get this figured out soon for you though!


Here is the thing…
We dont know whats happening without actual pic in daylight, but if it was me and I even slightly suspect start of a bud rot, I would prune the affected areas away…
Thats as much as I can say for now…


no worries dude, hugely advise photos, I was a bit paranoid initially but it’s fine… so many people do it. just make sure theirs no face or anything like that in the pic and you’ll be fine. honestly googling it helps, loads of things could be up with her that no one can tell without seeing it. anyway good luck to ya


Yeah. Your right man I don’t like taking pics in my phone lol. Even though I’m totally legal !! Lol. I figured out my problem. My buddy who watered my stuff while away for surgery almost tripled my nutes he misunderstood the mix ratios so I’m thinking it’s a combo nute and light burn. I put all my plants on a flush program for the week .i guess my otherscould take the nutrients and one couldn’t . I’ll try to bring my self to taking a pic. Thanks for all your help


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Hers some pics for you McLovin777 one is my Holy grail Kush and the other is a gorilla glue #4
These aren’t my biggest nugs but there are some nice ones. Once I got my plant straightened out they ended up turning out good. It’s a challenge in the winter to keep the environment . I hope you can see these cuz they just come up as numbers on my end. Thanks for your help


Holy grail is the top gorilla glue is the bottom.