Buds and Sugar Turning Grey and Dying Off


Those duck :duck: strains have some cool looking leaves!


Those are beautiful.


Matt, the trichome colour is just indescribably beautiful.

I really, really hope I don’t feck-up at this late stage.


It’s just a really cool looking plant.


Sling, it’s more than cool. It’s frosty!


ILGM needs to get at least one ‘duckfoot’ strain!


Beautiful work Mr jack,

I would give these beauties lots of air movement ie: electric fan / punkah wallah to mimic nature. I learned this from a very old Japanese rice farmer

I am most intrigued if your e F/Duck will deliver a good stone.
Autumn is coming here at speed…boo hoo !

here is a tune for you…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqXp1jxmpsw


God Speed You ! Green Emperor…

James Ap Cymru


Thank you Mr James… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBxJf63pVxU


I’m growing a covert operation.

The spectacle of a big carpet being wafted might blow my cover.

I don’t like it, but the girls are just going to have to be strong.


What do you suggest? I am also planning the same for my 3 remaining ladies tomorrow. @Myfriendis410, @raustin
Thank you


The elephants would create a distraction !


you could try an ULTRA-VIOLET Sanitising Portable Wand that in theory may work if held 1 to 2 inches from grey mold spores for 5/10 seconds therefore disrupting and breaking up the molds spore DNA .


Nah, you just have servants operating them :wink: Got kids? :rofl:


jackowee, Looks And sounds like Bud rot. I have itr And will try more Air Movement
next time


I bought a cheap Bresser Kids Electronic microscope @ 350 x mag to get up close and personal on the old computer screen to view a sample of sticky bud and record an image of those wonderful trichomes and harvest the plants when the trichomes
start to go milky.
Heaps O Fun and not fiddly at all .


Hello there James. How’s the craic?

I too invested in a handheld microscope but sadly it doesn’t have a computer connection.

So, I reinvested in a set of jeweller’s loupes and link-up with my Kindle using a couple of clamps to get close up shots on to the Internet. With this setup, I only get 40x magnification.

A very small sugar leaf taken today:

A bit shaky but under the microscope, but the trichomes are incredibly beautiful.

I might be issuing an Ireland v Wales low cost winter grow competition (just between me and you) if you’re interested, I’ll send details.

Stay well and good luck.



Hello there Mr O’whee,

Outstanding shot ! is this the F/F**k?..cold +rain down here …the game is up for me until St Davids day, then off I go again Afghani Auto Style + the Duck in '19.

Fook knows what I am going to do this winter up a goat track here in west wales waiting for the spring sun like some stoned meercat.
Keep the faith and let me know if the Frissan Duck is a rocking experience.

PS : Lidls sell the electronic microscope every now and then


Position No. 68


Don’t lose hope.

You might be “up a goat’s track”.

BUT, your Irish brother has a low cost solution.

Could be 4 or 5 ounces with addional auto fem auto seeds (grow-yer-own) for next year…

Just for the craic.

Stay well and good luck.



Yes, it’s the Duck.

I was pulling dead leaves and my whole hand got covered in purple trichomes.

Stay well and good luck.