Buds and Sugar Turning Grey and Dying Off


thanks for the post / i am raiding the Missu’s baking cupboard for baking soda.


Thank you for your input drinkslinger. I was about to spray and then read your kind words of advice and called a halt to proceedings. Ultra-Violet light seem’s to hold some scientific validation.
Thank you.


H2O2 @ 6% +H20 @ a 2 to 1 ratio, will that not melt the plant ?


Sounds like something Harry Rotter might avoid!

1st time growing this strain. So far all descriptions have been accurate. Looks nothing like cannabis leaves and almost no smell well into flowering. There’s no reason to think the smoke report would be false.

Cloudy and very damp over here, so little chance of seeing the moon tonight :unamused:


No, I was directed by an expert and have since used it. Give it a try on part of one plant. You’ll see.


Thank you for the info. I shall zap The Grey !


If you immerse in a bucket you will see a rainbow film appear: that’s wpm.


where do i get the seed for the Fresian Duck ? …It may be a next year deal as Jack Frost is heading our way …brilliant sunshine and blue skies here…same forecast for two weeks but the nights are cruel…have you had a go of the auto northern lights ?..The Absolute Ace of Green and serious yield when germinated in early April…under double glazing here i…:sun_with_face:


wpm ?..white powdery mould ?..i seem to have some grey vile mold like wet spiders web that is rotting my plant :face_with_monocle:


That sounds like bud rot. Definitely nuke it with the stronger solution of peroxide.


{snip from article} One of the oldest and most reputable breeders in the industry is Dutch Passion. {end snip}

Just Google them.

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Hopefully Mr Bergman will be adding Fresian Duck to the treasure trove that is his seed shop.
Thanks for the info bro.
Biriyani time in Ye Olde Cymru…


Well to be fair, I buy direct from DP and have done for a few years. But I agree, a licensing or bulk discount arrengement might be a good move for Mr B. In my experience the Dutch never turn down an oppotunity to trade!


There’s a strain name!




I get that, but think ‘frosty buds’


would be nice


thank you for your good vibes jackowee :shamrock:


Seems like a long time ago.

Grow Plan 2018

Little did I know.


Frisian Duck and Jamaican Pearl. Yellowing leaves, but no harry rotter… so far!

Happy days.

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