Buds and Sugar Turning Grey and Dying Off


James, good to hear from someone a bit local with similar climate conditions.

My auto crop this year was very, very disappointing and I bearly covered the growing costs.

5 AK’s - planted Feb only 2 made to harvest
3 Durban Poison - planted April and 1 got harvested
3 Dedoverde Haze - planted June no harvest

Nearly 70% loss can be put down to low seed germination, cow browsing patch, caterpiller infestation and bud rot.

My main crop is still going well and hopefully, now that today is Autumn Equinox and we go 12-12 from now on bud fattening should really kick in.

Fingers crossed.



Like nettels. This summer told me dont do warm climate and fruity strains after summer solstitude. Its all about strains. There where many Ireland weather like strains.
I fought against bud rot many times. Ruthless budkiller. One suggestions, do plants outdoor different places. Ive learned this after last year.


Yes, you’re right 2d.

For my main crop I started them off on the 17th March:

3 Frisian Duck = 1 made it flower
3 Jamaican Pearl = 2 " " "
3 Durban Poison = 2 " " "

All early finishers, weather hardy and mould/bud rot resistant.

Time will tell but like said, “fingers crossed”.



hi there across the water.

spring equinox until autumn equinox…plant early to avoid disappointment ye green emperors .

Keep the faith and read read Mr Bergmans wonderful grow guides over winter.

Roll on …Shamus Ap Cymru


Ooooops …puff puff.


That’s a fine Welsh Celtic name you got there Jimmy.

Still laghing all the way to the next bowl…

Stay well and good luck


My Grandpappy hails from the Isle of Emeralds…i just came back from the village with 6% Hyrdogen Peroxide + 1 litre of water to zap the GREY MOULD that is upon me like a biblical curse.
What is Frisan Duck
Fingers and toes crossed.


do I mist / spray the plant with the below mix or dribble it on ?

1 cap of 6% hydrogen peroxide to Iltr of clean water.

James across the water


You could cut your peroxide 2 to 1 (1 liter of H2O2 and 2 liters of water) which is more effective.

Potassium bicarbonate works better than sodium bicarbonate FYI.



Drench the whole plant and the soil.

It will help with mould but apparently not rot.

Just found out that important fact.


That is good advice.

Costs under 4 quid on Ebay and ships in 2-3 days free.



Frisian Duck Strain Review


Potassium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate work by raising the pH to a level the mold can’t tolerate. I’d be wary of drenching the soil. I’m not sure how well they work on bud rot. The same goes for h2o2 solutions.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on boytritis. This is interesting---->

"“ALTERNATIVE” PRODUCTS — Although others have, we’ve never obtained any control of Botrytis with Stylet Oil or the various potassium bicarbonate products, and I would be very hesitant to rely on them for this purpose under any sort of disease pressure.

Stylet Oil and the bicarbonates both control powdery mildew, which helps to limit Botrytis by eliminating one injury site where this fungus might enter, but direct activity against B. cinerea is questionable. We have obtained significant control with Serenade, but it has never been as effective as the standard products discussed above." from https://www.practicalwinery.com/marapr07/marapr07p30.ham

I’m just hesitant to spray serenade or anything that may impact flavor on my buds…


Slinger, I think James has just bought h202 and that is the solution he’s going to spray.

Hence my advice.

The extra Oxegen molecule will help to aerate his soil and suppress/kill off some moulds and harmful bugs. It will also act as an antiseptic on damaged areas where Boytritis could enter.

But, you are correct in saying “be wry” if in doubt, do the research and seek advice if unsure.


I used an h2o2 solution when I first spotted the bud rot. Then several days later a sodium bicarbonate solution, and my next step will be a potassium bicarbonate.

I’m trying all the “natural” methods. :+1:


Well, that didn’t go to plan.

Turns out that the marbles crushed the fresh buds and leaves, turning the whole layers of kief green.

Only try this method with DRY bud and go easy with the “shake, rattle and roll” .

I’ll make one smoke if only to get something from 3 plants!


Great advice and thank you, I shall report directly…I am sniffing around for info on a ULTRA-VIOLET Sanitising Portable Wand that may work if held 1 to 2 inches from grey mold spores for 5/10 seconds therefore disrupting and breaking up the molds spore DNA and creating God knows what !..any experience out there with ULTRA-VIOLET Grey Mould Control ?

Harvest Moon tonight.


Ta jackowee…is Freisan Duck a go’er…puff wise ?