Buds and Sugar Turning Grey and Dying Off

I’m not sure what’s going on here.

My 3 autos have started to develop signs of a serious infection.

The sugar leaves seem to develop a grey like fuzz which then spreads to the adjacent bud. The leaves eventually die and fall off and the whole bud turns in to a grey puffball.

Is my whole crop destined for the bonfire?

Or if I cut off the affected parts can the plant recover?

Feeling a bit depressed right now.


Are you growing outside. That looks like bud rot



I suspected bud rot but I wanted confirmation.

Sorry, there is really nothing you can do to fix it. Cut off what you can, it is like cancer and will spread. All the plants that I had that got bud rot I had to harvest early to save something. It looks like you may have a couple more spots on your plant that should be removed.


Thanks Max


Sorry for asking a question when I already knew the answer.

I was deeply pissed off at the time and maybe a bit in denial.

Got my shit together now and have started to plan how to save my main crop being affected by mould and bud rot.

Best regards and good luck.



There are a number of products to combat mold but whatever you use needs to be compatible with human consumption. A strong solution of peroxide and water will help but the underlying problem is excessive humidity for your flowering plant. If you can put a high speed fan on it even though it’s outside may help. Potassium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, copper soap and others are available. The only one that is truly effective is sulfur but you can’t run that around flower.

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Yes, all good advice and I’m on-it :wink:

The auto seeds were a gift from my daughter and were not meant for the north of Ireland’s climate.

My main crop is much more hardy and in that, I’m hoping they can cope with the usual damp and cold autum weather.

I’m going to fight all the way to a good clean cured outcome.



Good luck!

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Also, sanitize! Spray down your scissors with alcohol frequently, touch none of the good plant!

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Youve been given good advice
I lost most if my outdoor grow last year to bud rot

A good peroxide bath is a must when you harvest

Getting some good air flow should also help if possible
Good luck :v:️CB


Yes, I have been given good advice and I’m grateful.

I accept my “happy-go-lucky” approach was totally wrong.

I need to up my game.

Today, I trimmed the mould off and drenched the plants with a solution of 1 cap of 6% hydrogen peroxide to Iltr of clean water. These are now kept separate from my main crop.

An inspection of my main crop showed a small infection on one cole out of 5 medium sized plants. I pinched out the mould and drenched all plants with the same HP solution.

Tomorrow I will drench all plants with a baking soda mix.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be far more proactive.

Best regards and good luck with your grows.


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Keep us posted on your progress @jackowhee
Unfortunately its all part of the game we love to play take it in stride and im sure youll do fine

I will indeed.

My problems are nothing.

My thoughts and best wishes to all growers and their families affected by the hurricane.



The autos are more or less a lost cause.

Main Crop.

Ticking along and looking good.

Multiple dowsing in the HP mix and rinsing with the lemon and baking soda mix along with good plant genetics seems, at the moment to be working.

Frisan Duck


I used my Kindle and a couple of small clamps along with a 30x Loupe to take the close up shot. After my second stroke, I find it useful to inspect with a bigger picture profile. Less fiddly.

That’s a really cool looking strain. Keep us updated as she grows. :+1:

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Today, I finally gave up on the auto crop and cut the plants down.

They were not at the most ideal ripeness but something is better than nothing and every day having to deal with the rot was beginning to make me depressed.

I very carefully harvested whatever green buds and sugar were left and then washed in HP and BP solutions and rinsed with clean water.

Tomorrow, the plan is to use my Irish Dry Ice Method to extract as much useable Kief as possible.

I only got two handfuls of clean material, but there must be at least ONE smoke in a 3 plant harvest.


Main Crop - Ticking along nicely.

Good luck with your grows.


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I share your Green Pain or Grey Pain in this case. I am going through the same grey nightmare here in West Cymru.
After my 1st grow ( natural light) of auto Northern Lights, which went in 21st April and was super good and productive come August as fook.
I therefore experimented by planting a single seed on 21st of June to see what occurs. And as we hit September came along with cool Atlantic rains the humidity in the conservatory zoomed up, plus cool nights AND the dreaded GREY MOULD appeared. I now have every mirror in the house aimed at the (when there is sun) green plus the fan is going constantly.
Cool nights + Atlantic rain = Green turning to Grey. Plant earlier next year folks and crop before Autumn happens…Good Luck to us all !