Budget lighting for a beginner

A question from a fellow grower:

I am a beginner and am getting very confused about lighting. I only
plan to plant 3 seeds (the expectation is that 1 won’t work out and this
is for personal medicinal use only) and the room we plan on using is
approximately 12 ft x 6 ft. I had planned on using cfl lighting
throughout the entire process but am having a hard time finding the
exact type (one place said use 6500k during the vegetative phase. What
does that even mean? If I were to go to the store what exactly would I
look for on the packaging as I have yet to find one that states this!) I
should be using. I am sure I’m just completely overlooking it and I
have read several of your guides and blogs and I just can’t find
anywhere that gives me the exact info that I need to be looking for when
I try to purchase except with regard to the seedling phase (I saw 3
watts but what about lumens???). Idk, am I over thinking it? What do
you think I should use for each phase? We just don’t have tons of money
to sink into this and I want to make sure everything is right to avoid
wasted resources. I do have the grow guide but I need more specific
info on correct lighting for my situation before I go get it.

23 watt should be or 100 watt equivalent , the lumens should be on the box , warm white , soft white , or bright white .

6500k or “Daylight” colored CFL bulbs are good for the vegetative stage of growth, and mimics the color given off by the sun in spring/early summer. Using 6500k colored CFLs in vegetative will help encourage cannabis plants to grow short and bushy. 2700k or “Soft White” colored CFL bulbs are perfect for the flowering stage of cannabis growth; the red/yellow tones of 2700k bulbs mimic the color given off by the sun in the late summer and fall and promote bud formation in cannabis plants.