Budget Growing Advice

Okay I’ve noticed that money is a big factor. Many people here have spent some coin and it shows. Some may have acquired and upgraded along the way. Others may have had the money to get the best, right from the start. But a lot of people aren’t as fortunate. They probably have the same idea, you did. If they could grow their own, they’ll save from not having to buy it. And possibly plan on reinvesting money saved, into upgrades and better equipment, supplies. So, you already have seeds. And you have a $200 budget! How you spending it? To get the best results for that budget.
I believe this is overlooked or forgotten. I think people would benefit from expert advice on how to better spend the little money they have to work with.


Bigest and best investment into a setup is your lighting in that case my best idea to stretch that 200 is to use a website that does payment options like Affirm,Shop,Klarna some sites offer every other week payments and some offer monthly payments makes the initial cost upfront alot more doable some of these site also have full set up kits or you can piece together your own as well unfortunately 200 wont go far in this hobby especially when even 150w-200w led fixture start around 200


Grow outdoors in ground if you have the option. For me it is about 10x cheaper and 10x less work and much bigger yields.


That’s me too. Eliminates a lot of the cost.


I have 400W of great LED lights in my 3x3.

I bought used / unboxed lights on ebay. Saved about 40%.

Good luck in your searches. Little by little you can do this


Many things can be built, borrowed or re-purposed. Except good LED grow lights.
A person could scrounge up an old HPS or MH garage/parking lot light pretty cheap.


Nutrients: I suggest Jacks

Excellent results, easy to use and very inexpensive. You can buy smaller quantities on eBay too.


I started with no light, planted in pot and placed in the bathtub by the window with good light…I used cheap potting soil…she grew but… eventually I got more stuff but it did take time …crawl first, walk next then run past me


I built my LED’s using top bin Samsung EB strips. Saved around 50% over buying comparable fixtures. Just FYI that that is another place and way you can save money.


Also check Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for used lights. Just make sure they work before you buy.
Sometimes you find decent deals


600 watt HPS 125 bucks, 8 pots, dirt, dry organic fertilizer you got enough left for a cheeseburger

edit… ebay links not permitted in this part of forum


Check out green beam lights. 240w top shelf light for a budget price of $160! Changed to this light per advice in here and I’ll never use another. Budget amazing lights!


I suggest FB marketplace,Mercari or ebay for lights. Brand name preferred. Can save OVER 50% on a good light. As for space…use your closet. Pots…4 pack 5 gallon cloth. Tent=closet. Do NOT need to cover walls with mylar. Fans…1 or 2 small circular either oscillating or stationary. Base to put pots in to catch runoff. Soil. Nutrient line.
Soil=10.00 a bag organic no ammendments or very lightly ammended. No Miracle grow.
200-300w dimmable light. Samsung 301 diodes used…100
Pots 10.00
Fans used 20.000
Here is a small trick. Lights NO SCIMP if can. Nutes either. Rest can be old and busted as long as work. If it says for cannabis…usually bullshit on fans…expect to pay more for that word…cannabis. my 3x3 in closet has 240w light. 1 small fan for movement. 1 small 4" ac infinity flat square fan to exhaust. 1 humidity/tempmeter. Thats it. I use for sprouting and clones but could go start to finish in it. The lights will push 1 bigger photo or 2 auto easy all the way.
As you have time a piece here and there to supplement. You REALLY only need dirt nutes pot light water airflow. Mercari and Ebay guarantee product sold. FB ALWAYS look before buy. I do not have any FB product shipped by seller. Buy local if using it and test before giving a dime. Led grow lights have a life expectancy of 50k hours usually before start degrading a lot.

I second the outdoor. Outdoor plants can yield pounds at 5-6’ tall trained to a bush.

Craigslist is full of lights around seattle of people thinking weed growing is easy and only takes a month. Then exit after buying the best of everything. More money than sense. I also like the idea of finding an old halide/hps combo. I gave mine away for free on Craigslist. I still have an old 400watt sun agro w a new bulb in box I found this last weekend Spring cleaning. I plan to throw free on Craigslist. @Oltimer, if You live anywhere near seattle you are welcome to it. It would cost a fortune to mail the ballast. It’s essentially a giant lead and copper brick.

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It is easy. But the 4 months to start finish throws the lazy and impatient. out.

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I run mainly Viparspectra i like there lights alot the price to performance is really good impo appreciate the heads up tho!!

You have a budget, thats great.

We, wife and I spent 2400 to 3600.oo yr from supplier, same flavor for 7 yrs, touch it and its dust.

We took that 300.oo added few dollars and have a light from Notable company, 319.oo, grew 3 plants or 10 ozs of our, our, our own homegrown.

We didnt smoke for the first time since the 90s for 60 days. Found ilgm seeds july. Got seeds and lights august, first harvest dec 2022.

Advice, bite the bullet now, nothing beats good homegrown and a sucessful first harvest.


Free light sounds great. Appreciate the offer, but I’m on the other side of the country. Unfortunately, the power bill here is already outrageous and inflation isn’t helping matters none. But free light is why I always grow outdoors and just start indoors. Trees, mountains, and location makes it easier to hide. But I’ve had people tell me for ten years now, I should think about growing indoors. And I always decline because that end of it’s just a money racket. I’m not knocking the results some people are getting. But they are spending quite a bit of money to mimic the elements I get for free, from nature. And in today’s economy, most people are going to be more budgeted. And at the end of the day, I still believe everyone’s gotta eat! But I had no idea of the cost difference between now and thirty years ago. Like I said, I been outside growing, all that time. I admire your willingness to offer help. In a crowd of people who basically saying they have money, you don’t , you shine like gold. Thanks again for the offer, but I think I’ll stay outside.


Outside is my baby too.:sunny: Indoor is just for preserving Bansai cuts for next spring.

I think we are are paddling in the same boat my friend. That’s why I am throwing that heavy ballast anchor overboard. :canoe:
Have not used it for 20 years.

Happy growing.

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We havent noticed our 300L raising the bill at all.

Don’t let 270watts fool you. Most houses have 150w light bulbs around the house. Consider 5-60w incandescent bulbs around the house, most of the time, those are 100w.

We grow in 2x3, nothing except light and fan. Cost 319.00.