Budding with LEDs

I just switched to 12/12 for budding. I wanted to start a journal to track how well LEDs can work since that looks like a good question. I am running 2 800w King Plus lights. I have done about everything you could possibly do wrong with this grow so far (bad soil, over watered, over fed, snapped branches while trying to super crop, you name it.) After reading some grow logs and other help topics here I finally saved as much of the crop as I could by switching to coco loco and staying with plain water until they recovered.

These lights at his wattage like to be between 15" and 20" away from the plants. I have found that the optimal distance that makes them grow will have the fan leaves perfectly flat out. If they are too far away the fans reach up, too close and the fans curl down like wrapping your hand around an orange. Two inches can make all the difference.

Here are pics from day 3 under 12/12…


Day 10 - These are mostly Bubbelicious from bag seeds and one is a Mammoth sour diesel sativa mix.



Day 13 - Started using Bloom at half strength for first watering. They look pretty.


Sweeeet, I am not into growing. but the leaves in the last one are much on the darker blackish side. Does that mean they have stronger flavour, or its normal?

Actually that’s a trick of the light. They are in a shadow. I have noticed that LEDs seem to produce a lot darker leaves as a rule.

I hear it’s a plants natural response in the attempt to gather more light. Common in tropical plants. Not sure if cannabis follows the same pattern or not.

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Hehe…ya think Purple Kush would become Black Kush under the right light.

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WellI think one of my best looking plants is going hermie.

Do I have to remove the whole plant or can I just remove the one set of bananas? I didn’t see any other sets. I know it’s a rookie question but it’s such a nice plant it would be a shame to loose it.

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I have heard you can just remove the male pods, but what if they start to develop within a bud or more later? Keeping up with them could lead to major disappointment at harvest!

Personally, I kill any sign of male. There can be only one and that one is me! :imp:

If you plan on breeding for the female seeds you could separate it from the rest and gather the pollen, but those plants will be more likely to herm as well.

I’m sexist. I eliminate any and all males. If you breed, please never invite me over. Killing males is a compulsion I haven’t been able to overcome. I’d hate to ruin a breeding plan! :fearful:

Your choice. Good luck!


It’s dead, Jim.


Welcome to sexism at it’s best! :wink:

Day 19 - I’m having to keep these lights around 10" away to keep them growing. So I am thinking I will have to get an hps since no way I can afford the better LEDs. These are great for nurturing seedlings up to the veg kick in but I think they are too small for the full grow. I would need 4 800s for adequate coverage of a 3’ x 4’ Scrog. Kind of defeats the electrical savings even tho I would still be under $650 in expense for the lights. If the diodes were gapped half again as much with the quality of the construction maintained in the bigger direct footprint model these would be much better for what we need.


I have to chuckle because even though you know you can do better, it’s still better than anything you could purchase.

Still looking good.

Is the glass half full or half empty? All I know is I got room for more beer. :beer:

Got my fem WW seeds from ILGM today. Ordered them on the 18th.

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I have the opposite problem. I have to keep the LED light too far away. I have a 450 w Vipar Spectra full spectrum LED and if the plant gets closer than about 28 inches below the light it burns the leaves.

These lights will be good for nursery lights and would cover a full grow in a small room like a closet. If I had started these plants better though there is no way these two lights would cover 5 full sized scrogged or super cropped ladies.

My next grow will be three WW in coco.

Day 22 - I am noticing that even though both of these lights are the same make and model from one manufacturer, one is producing a bluish hue while the other is producing a reddish hue. The buds under the more reddish side are getting fatter faster. You can’t see it with the camera but it is very noticeable to the naked eye.


Day 27 - Starting to see development of trichomes


Day 32 - Just a little bud porn😜


@garrigan @latewood So it’s time to make a decision. My birthday is the day after Disability Day so I am going to buy another light. I need this one to replace and improve on one of the lights I am using now so I can use one for a nursery room.

My issues are that an hps would probably bring the room into the 90 degree range and I can’t afford a second ac unit at the same time. Without the ac I have in the front of the house my manufactured home got to 110 degrees this time last year. So I think I am forced to LEDs only for now.

I am really confused about LEDs. I have read two years worth of reviews but I don’t know why I would pay a thousand dollars more for the same wattage lights from different makers. I need to cover a 4x8 tent and am going to try to get three 5gal plants to make a Scrog fill it. My goal is 7oz per 90 days to be self sufficient.

What do you think?

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