Budding outdoor plants

It’s nearly the end of July, how can we start our outdoor White Widow plants to start budding, they’re very healthy, just not getting to the next stage. Maybe I’m just jumping the gun. Lol.

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Hey @Tom7373 Welcome and Happy growing.
Mind if I ask where your located? If you’re in the states, your outdoor plants are still receiving more than 12hrs of light.
You plants won’t begin to put on bud sites until
Late August early Sept. that leaves a harvest window in October for outdoor growers.
Hence the name “Croptober” hahah.
Hope that helps, and have any pics?


Yep what @DankBank22 said, even up here in Canada, most outdoor is harvested in October and the locals have Croptoberfest with a band and everything. Mine go longer into November… 2nd week of August is usually the trigger here.


There is light deprivation by blacking out the plants and shortening their dark period.
I’ve never done it tho but it would have to be totally dark inside to work.