Budding early? 24 to 18

A question from a fellow grower:

I live in legal Oregon and bought clones at the local dispensary. The clones I buy from them start budding within a month’s time. My 3rd generation clone is big bushy and without buds.
My nursery light cycle is 18 hours. I found out that the dispensary keeps their clones under light 24-7. The purchased clones are approx. 9" tall when sold. They also have a couple sets of 5-point leaves.
Can moving these clones from 24 hour light to 18 hour light cause them to bud too early? My local dispensary says no. I say yes. What do you say?! Why is my clone a bushy 4 ft. tall with no buds and theirs are 18" and laden with little buds!? All under the same light.
Growing pot commercially may afford the business to keep lights on 24-7, but home growers tend to try to be economical and do it in 18 hours to save money. I think distributors need to pay more attention to customer care as they now have competition. I also think customer care has suffered greatly in the past several decades.

Going from 24 to 18 is just fine. That won’t confuse 'em.

Could the clones have been taken too late from the mother

That is possible. Clones like that tend to have tons of branches.

I guess I’m confused. You bougt them at 8" or 9" tall and now they are 4 feet and bushy
You need to flip to 12/12 that’s all and why they didn’t tell you that is totally unprofessional if you ask me. Find another place to buy your clones and before you buy …ask them a few questions first.
Flip to 12/12 to stalrt flower



I apologize. For the confusion. I started my own clone of a clone I started from seed. That clone is 4’ and bushy. It has been in the exact same environment as the clones I purchased from a distributor. His clones are the ones that are budding after 4 weeks and they are only a foot tall now.

You bet. Questions must be asked. However, I bought some seeds from this site and will make my own clones from now on.

I also I bought the Big Bud fertilizer. I use that on my plants. Could it be the fertilizer? Although there again, I use it on my own clone.

Maybe these clones are more susceptible to environmental stress. I got some clones for my last grow and they were infested with fungus nats.

I wounder if they didn’t sell you Auto plants and didn’t say anything.
As a rule of thumb for now on…never and I mean never !! Buy any plants and bring them into your grow. CuseYour just asking for trouble
But anyway I

Bet there auto plants.


I asked if they were possibly auto. They made no comment. I was just trying to figure it out. They did invite me to speak to their grower. Hah! I will probably hear more of the same. I should just open my own store…but I’m retired.

Yep. Currently dancing with spider mites.

Yup just what I figured ! They didn’t say anything cause that exactly what they sold you AND with mites…
I’m going to tell you how to fix that right now and that will be the end of your mite problem.
I used this cause nothing g else worked.
But went I used this…it was over for them right then and there. Mine even had webs on three plants. Done gone history…lol

Go and buy two things

1.) A pack of smokes…yes a pack of smokes

2.) The hottest hot power you can find…the hottest…OK

Make sure you have a coffee filter its a must.
UnDer $10. Bucks

Take half a pack and take all the Tobcgo out and place in a small cooking pan add two cups of water maybe three don’t matter anyway bring to a boil remove and add two or three tsp of hot power stir in good then bring it back to a boil.
Than off burner and let cool to say room temp. Find a clean spray bottle .
When mixture is cooled off strain and squeeze what juice is l
EFT. Then pour in spray bottle and go get’em…lol
Spray all plants under and on top. Spray them good and don’t forget spray some on the soil.
And that’s it. Check back in a few hours. You’ll be amazed.



Hey Will. What is “hot power?”

Are we talking hot pepper? Like cayenne?

If hot pepper, should I use fresh habeneros and how much. I have cayenne powder and dried hot peppers too! Another thing I grow!

I think he meant hot sauce, but I’m not sure. Either that or Cayenne powder. @garrigan62 ?

Ah ha, I bought but never used my treatment. Probably could’ve had a better yield had I known they could do that much damage.

Got to be powder so it desolves in the water . I went to check what I had and the dam ting fell behind the stove…lol
Anyway powder the hotter the better.