Bud with dark orange hairs now growing white ones, and edges of sugar leaves going purple/brown

I can’t tell whether this is ready to harvest-I can’t see the trichomes with the magnifying lens I got from a pot for pot, so I am looking at the hairs 90% are dark orange/red but also with new white bunches?

Also the leaves have been going brown on the edges. It doesn’t appear to be mould as it is outside in-from the leaves in, the bud inside is green.

Any idea on what the discolouration is and when I should harvest? I have no idea how long this has been flowering for.

The dark brown spots is bud rot. Anything with that should be tossed. Does it fall apart when touched?
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Can anyone confirm visually if this looks like bud rot?


Looks like bud rot to me as well, and a bad thrips infestation - all the silvery-white marks.


I concur


I agree as well


i should have concurred

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Thanks all. Does the whole plant go due to the thrips or can I was the plant bits that are ok?

I wouldn’t feel comfortable ingesting any part of the plant with bud rot. But that’s just me.