Hi there anyone has used the two products in subject from Australia ?

Especially for the BUD WISE, there is no instructions on how many days it should be sprayed on the plants. Thanks in advance

This is an interesting bud enhancement nutrient, Bud Wise;
Spray 40-60 ml of solution per plant at the onset of flowering cycle. Apply solution at least 6 hours prior to Start of artificial light source.
Reduce nutrient strength by 50% 1 day prior to and 2 days after each application.
This is a deterrent for Male pollination of plants and being That , I suppose this would increase positive Bud growth.
I would compare this to other foliar feeding scheduals for a reference, If I were to use this , I would think maybe once every five days?

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thanks mate for your reply. The thing is, if you have to reduce the nut for 3 days (1 prior and 2 after) and then spray the plants every 5 days you would loose more than half of the growth power for the whole amount of time you are spraying this product ?? and also, for how long should I spray it ? any time I see a plant that has male branches ?

Technically as a floiar spray it enters the plant quicker (it can enter up in up to about 24-48 hours being as a foliar feed) so you wouldn’t be losing time it would actually be saving time and entering quicker

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I’m not familiar with this product at all, only what I could find out on line , and there wasn’t any customer replies for this product, I would try to separate any male plants from the harvest and apply the product to only this plant and see what outcome it has, remember Growing is Always a learning experience. Also I only buy my Beans from ILGM , and they are Feminized. Any and all bud enhancement comes from nutrients and TLC. Good luck with the grow my friend, !!<*)))><{