Bud washing which is better

I was wondering what the ratio of hydrogen peroxide baking soda and lemon juice you put in that 1 bucket

Lol, understand that I mixed a little of both of the washing “recipes” I had gathered from the internet. I figured it can’t hurt and the buds just went in jars last night, and they look and smell great. One recipe calls for a cup of Peroxide in 5 gals of water. I added that much, the same in lemon juice and about half a cup of soda. Next time I may just do the peroxide, although the lemon juice gives the solution a nice smell.

I’ve tried a couple different scenarios

  1. washing it in peroxide for 2 minutes, then washing with (1/4 cup baking soda+1/4cup lemon juice)[probably wasn’t enough] 2 minutes.
    I had noticed the smell Was still about as strong as before dipping. Not much came off plants.

  2. Trying again with time longer 3 to 5 minutes Smell dissipated probably 30 to 50%
    More stuff Was coming off.

Now I’m about to try your method with all 3 combined
About 20 oz of hydrogen peroxide 3/4 cup baking soda Only had about 4 tablespoons of lemon juice

5 gal buckets

First time I washed I used Baking soda and lemon juice only, and from real lemons to boot, so I skimped on that as well, but all I had on hand. I remember all the junk floating in that bucket after the fact, so I was pleased… Let us know hoe you liked it.