BUD WASHING... help!

Been washing (with lemon juice baking soda mix) most of the plant but the process is such a pain in the ass after Trimming everything. Im harvesting now and it just rained for two days straight… is it necessary to wash after being rained on? See pics


Necessary no, recommended yes. Bud washing will help remove harmfull contaminants that might be hiding in the bud.

I use hydrogen peroxide, 1 cup peroxide/5 gallons water. I trim one branch, let it sit in the peroxide water, while I trim another. After a few minutes I rinse in just plain water.


@Dave101 After the H2O2 bath and water rinse do you dry the branch off with anything? Or just hang it? I’m a first-timer. And I’m wondering if I should wash everything, then trim off fan leaves?

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Hang them and blow a fan for a couple of hours to dry the water and prevent mold formation.

Nice buds!


@Sharky Ok so what I did was trim off all the fan leaves, then give the buds a quick trim. From there into the peroxide wash, then after a few minutes water rinse. Once im done rinsing ill give the branches a gentle shake to get all the excess water off, then onto the coat hangers to dry.

My dry room has a dehumidifier set to 55-60 RH, I also have a fan in the room, not blowing directly on the bud, just for air movement in the room.

This is what mine looked like after the wash and trim


Those are beautiful @Dave101!

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I really appreciate that :v:

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Boom !! :bomb: those look awesome


@Dave101 Those ARE beautiful! I only have 4 plants. Once they are washed, for a drying space, all I can figure out is to use my home office room. I do plan to watch the temperature and humidity as they dry. And this room is dark when I’m not working there, but likely 2-5 hours/day I’ll have the lights on. What sorts of problems am I risking with this plan? Thank you so much for your guidance. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Sharky If your watching your humidity and temperature, I think you’ll be just fine. A lot of people on here have dried with the lights on, and say the outcome was the same.

@FlxerPower @Axemanjake23 @Bobbydigital What are your thoughts on this?

Aw sweet! Thanks @Dave101!

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I have the same out come light or dark. Some guys swear by dark but I dont have that option Available all the time

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Yeah, I dried half my plant in my flowering room (12/12 lights) and the other half in my dark drying tent. I have the jars labeled to know which is which and that’s the only way I can tell the difference. Mind you, this is the results of only one experiment. I’m going to continue testing to see if it was a one off result or a result that replicates.


@Bobbydigital I hope to hear more about your experiment. Thanks for encouraging me. :pray: