Bud Washing? Hearing good things about it!


Hey all,
Here is something new to me bit from hat I have read is really remarkable. Washing buds in a unique way that does not injure the trichomes and enhances the buds!!! If you foliar feed, dust, PM or just ant clean produce I hear this is the way to go. This method was revolutionized by a man named Doc Buds. Has anyone here tried his method? And if so what were your experiences?
From what I seen these buds looked clean with beautiful color. Every persons experience was the same and all gave stellar reviews on this process, and it goes as follows for those who have never heard of this. 3 buckets (5 gallon) of water. First bucket has room temp water with a cup of lemon juice and some baking soda. 2Nd bucket has hottest water from tap, and 3rd bucket has ice cold water. Each dip you slightly agitate the buds in water for 30 sec to a minute depending n dirtiness. Then follow the instructions for the next 2 buckets. After washing simply hang to dry and go about your harvest as usual. I am going to try this myself with a few tops and see how it goes, and from what Ive read, I will want to keep doing this for every harvest. Please tell me about any occasion you have done this and the result.




Ive got to say that I tried it this afternoon with my lemon skunk and my AK. Results were expected, great looking buds and trichomes intact. What really amazed me it really stimulated the smell. I mean every time I dunked a wave of strong sticky lemon zest hit me with that notable skunk. AK was potent as well. I would recommend this for maximum potential of buds.






Lemon skunk


AK 47 cant wait to try it out.


After reading this thread,I went and looked it up on YouTube, and when mine are ready ,I’ll be washing my buds


Bro they look so different after a good wash and really shine. I am amazed


This bud was washed as well and as you can see, trichomes were not affected and the bud looks super clean. Never smoke a dirty bud again.


TH, I follow Doc Bud’s bud washing method and highly recommend it! I’ve been doing it now for six grows and it’s now part of my routine. As you probably know, Doc’s High Brix method is all organic, but a lot of crap - dust, particles of dirt, excess foliar spray, etc. washes off. No sense smoking this shite!


@medmanmike, yes brother, thats the guy and just to reiterate from the original it was Doc Buds method and definitely not my own, but boy does it work great!
Thanks, I dont like to put something out from a source without giving the proper credit, even though its been a while, I didnt forget.