Bud washing for organic harvest

thanks a lot friend!!

You dry ur bud in the fridge how does it turn out

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I use the 12% food grade h202 diluted at a higher concentration, nothing else added. I may soak the plants for up to 24 hours depending on if I am treating for something specific like WPM.


what is your ratio for the 12% to water

and wait, you soak the buds for 24 hours? really?

i dont have any bud rot or anything major, just want to clean the plants and rid them of any bugs, dust, etc.

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I use the 1.5 cups to 5 gallons… I only soak it 24 hours for White powdery mildew or an infestation

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Yes, baking soda and lemon juice in one bucket, and two rinse buckets of pure water. I did it the first time my last harvest. It was indoors, but still the water was dirty. I’ll do it from now on.


We will find out in about 2-3 weeks everyone


OK I need to harvest now but right now my fridge is full of our 1st big plant. So I can let them sit in H2O2 and water for 24 hours will be ok.

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@Myfriendis410 have you ever heard of soaking bud for 24hrs?

I have not. Soaked in what? Plain water?

soaking in a peroxide and water mixture for 24 hours. seems like a very lonng time. he says in earlier post.

I’m a bud wash advocate but only done it for 8 to 10 minutes.

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Do growers wash both indoor and outdoor grows? I am about to harvest my indoor grow and am curious if it is something I should consider.

All you’ll have to do is wash your bud once (indoor or outdoor) and you’ll always was it.


Some people wash indoor grows, some don’t.


I’m an indoor grower and always do a bud wash. Trichomes are super sticky and attract all kinds of things. You’ll be surprised with the gunk that comes off flower, even with an indoor grow.


I always advise doing a bud wash.

so do you soak in peroxide for 8-10 minutes?

do you ever use baking soad?

I do the Jorge Cervantes bud wash which is 8 minutes in 5 gallons of water with a cup of 3% peroxide then rinse, drip dry and dry as normal.

Oh yeah; here’s a pic of ONE plant washed from an indoor grow (although we were having wildfires all around us at the time)


Crunchy. And you could have been smoking all that. :face_vomiting: thanks for the visual. I will be washing buds like it’s my job.